Life and Death

Heron on a Still Lake

Coe Landing CP, Tallahassee, FL

I know a secret about you.

I know what you did.

Not so long ago—you died.

You died, you detached from your old, dead body and you dissolved into Her.

And She dissolved into you.

You/Her were One.

You/Her were Everything.

All was Good.

Suddenly though, you felt a desire, an attachment to your past.

That desire, that longing, created a feeling of separation.

That simple feeling of separation ripped you apart from Her.

You and Her became Two.

Feeling separate from Her was agonizing. It was heart-breaking.

And it was all your fault.

You realized that in order to become One with Her again, you’d have to transcend whatever it was you were attached to.

You chose a new life—this life—because it holds what you need to help you overcome the desire that ripped you apart from Her.

You became a human— “you” —and She became everything else.

I’ll let you in on another secret:

She wants you back as badly as you want Her.

Reincarnation as the Missing Spiritual Link

A Park in Phoenix, AZ

I had posted a comment on a Near Death Experience Yahoo Forum and got what read like a bit of attitude from one of the readers, probably due to a misunderstanding of my terminology. My clarification is below the break, but the point I was trying to make was that thinking of yourself as a Soul is not a hinderance to enlightenment, but rather a very important step

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