Cows with Horns

Cows With Horns

The last few days my camp’s been infested – infested with cows with horns. Last night, at 2 am I woke up to a big ol’ bull (not big ‘old’) who had brushed against the RV with enough force to rock it (and wake me), then proceeded to do what big ol’ bulls do at 2 am (anything they want), eat the grass under my bedroom window.

Boondocking Again

Twig & Lake Pleasant, AZ

I’m boondocking again while I work on my latest project. This time I actually have a few neighbors – some who have been camped here for as long a four months! Now it won’t be such a concern to leave the RV alone while I go out exploring.

The photo above was taken at my last camp (Lake Pleasant, AZ).


Dried Desert Bush

I’ve made my decision on a project to work on. I’ll wait until it’s farther along before talking about it, but I’m excited. Feels good.

I’m really enjoying this boondocking thing. About the only negative is when you go into town and wonder that when you get back if any of your stuff will still be there, but that’s a lesson in itself.

Boondocking Outside Phoenix

RV Boondock Camp

After watching the inauguration, I packed up camp and headed out to a piece of state land that I had scoped out last week. Free camping, great Internet reception, privacy and even closer to civilization. Can’t beat that.