Eerie Alabama

Old Bicycle

POWELL, AL–On the drive north to my friend Doug’s place the other day, I decided that yes, I was going to sell the RV and get a step-van or box truck and outfit it as a stealthy RV. I have been wrestling with this idea for months. I like the idea of being able to go anywhere, stay anywhere, and not have to make plans on where I will camp or for how long. The freedom to go to where I am drawn without restrictions. Sort of like the Peace Pilgrim but with a computer, bed and wheels. 🙂

Anyway, not five minutes after I made this decision, while stopped at a light in Oxford, AL, a guy in a pickup truck pulls up next to me and shouts over, “Hey, you want to sell your camper?” This has happened a grand total of zero other times in my life, so I took it as a sign that I had made the right decision.

I pulled over, let him look at my rig, gave him my number (his father is looking for a used RV), and continued on my way.

More on Less Control


COE EAST BANK CAMPGROUND, CHATTAHOOCHEE, FL–Since I had taken the RV out of storage and been on the road again (only a little over two weeks now), the RV has been running very rough. At first I thought it was just old gas or maybe condensation in the tank, but, as I found out yesterday after taking her into the Ford dealer in Live Oak (FL), it’s a bad ECU (engine control unit)–a little computer that monitors and maintains various functions in most vehicles on the road today.

The bad news is that they did a national search for this little bugger and there just aren’t any to be found (my RV is a 1994). More bad news is that in order to fix her, they need to pull the ECU, ship it off for repair and maybe have it back in two weeks (maybe a month). Two weeks (a month!) with no place to live since the RV can’t be driven without the ECU. Miserable.

So I looked online and within a couple minutes found the exact part I needed. I could either drive down to Davie, FL and pick it up (a day and a half there and back), or they could ship it to me for Monday delivery. I decided I’d find a place to camp the RV, drive down to Davie in the jeep and be up and running the next day.

More bad news–bizarre news even–was that I couldn’t find a single place in town (or even near town) that had a site for two nights. There was a big concert going on and I guess big concerts in little towns are a big thing. I tried at Stephen Foster (where I had stayed the last few nights), but no luck. I tried another place that said they had only one site open for two nights, but they couldn’t hold it. When I got there a half hour later, it was taken. I even tried this little campground with lots of empty sites on the far outskirts of town, and when I said I’d be running down to S. FL overnight, she looked at me as if I had just shot her dog and said you can’t store your RV here. I said, “But I’ll be back tomorrow!” She crumpled up the paperwork she had started to fill out on me and gave me that I’ve-got-a-shotgun-right-here-behind-the-counter look.

Everything was going against me.

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Heading North. Sorta.


DEERFIELD BEACH, FL–Heading north to the middle of the state tomorrow morning. Going to stay in a state park for a couple days and then maybe onto some private land. Two different people in the area have offered to let me “camp” on their land up there. It’s wonderful how things fall together when you get out of the way.

On that note, the condo I was staying in at Deerfield sold. Mary, whom I was house-sitting for, said she loved the fact that I was care-taking the place. It gave her lots of peace-of-mind knowing that it was being kept clean, dusted, maintained and watched over.

The main reason it sold though, was because one time I was accidently around when a realtor came by and I was able to answer most of the prospective buyer’s questions. Turned out that realtors just don’t have all the answers that buyers ask at a showing, and–having stayed there–I did. Being a “disinterested but knowledgeable” party turned out to be a big plus for the buyer (I was even invited to their place whenever I’m in Chicago).

Being there to answer their questions was probably what sold the condo after it sat stagnant on the market for over a year.

With such a down real estate market, there’s probably quite a demand for honest caretakers.

Synchronistic Wisdom

Empty Room

“The less there is of me, the more there is of Her.” Synchronicity is a powerful indicator that the belief that we are all One is indeed true. The less there is of you–blocking the Divine within–the more readily the Universe (Her/your Beloved/the Divine Mother/God) can work through your body and in your life…
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Impermanence – or – Laughing at my Brother’s Loss

Ship on Puget Sound

A couple of days ago, while exploring the Olympic Peninsula and while reflecting on my brother’s unusual (for him) and spontaneous decision to fly out here, the thought popped into my mind, “Jeff’s here for a reason.”…

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The Mysteries of Synchronicity

Cape Perpetua, Oregon

Jung defined synchronicity as meaningful coincidences. He also found that the more whole a patient became – “whole” as in psychologically accepting of their own nature – the more often synchronistic events would occur in their lives. Many spiritual seekers also find synchronicity prevalent in their lives, probably due to the relaxing of the ego. I have long suspected that, to quote myself, “the less there is of me, the more there is of Her.” “Her” being God/Spirit/Source…

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