Nokomis Beach


Waves, barely six inches high, rolled in upon the sugary white sand as I sat waiting for the light. A family with three dogs played in the surf a hundred yards down the beach, the dogs happily running back and forth though the water. A couple walk by, and as usual, the tripod catches their attention. Even though I’m obviously not taking their picture, their manner takes on an air of self-consciousness. A young woman strolls by, smiles and shoots me the peace sign. I wave back.

Later, as I’m putting away my equipment another woman approaches me and asks me about my camera. She’s confused on which camera to buy, and is rattling off a bunch of specs. She says she doesn’t want to do a lot of digital processing, wants to get it right straight out of the camera. She says that to her, the purity of the process is the whole point. I shake my head and say that for me, the whole point of taking a picture is to take a great picture. I forget to give her my card.

I climb on my bike and ride back through the darkness.

Oscar Scherer State Park


This is a shot of my campsite at Oscar Scherer State Park on the west coast of Florida. I lived here as a child for about 2 and a half years. Lots of adventures and great memories. More than any other place I’ve lived, I have always felt this was “home.” Seemed like a good place to stop on my way north.

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Feeling Solid


Yesterday I was telling my friend Mary – who is going to kill me when she sees this – that lately I have been feeling very Solid. “Solid” is the way most people feel most the time, but for me, it’s miserable.

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What to Keep. What to Throw. What to Give Away. What to Stow.


In less than three weeks, I’ll be living in the RV full time. Rather than try to sell all my stuff, I’m giving nearly everything away. That’s not a problem. It’s my books and photos that I’m having a hard time with.

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Over the last week I’ve been making preparations for what I am calling Act IV of my life – which I plan to start on August 1st, 2008, when I drive off in my RV to destinations unknown.

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The Search for a New Home

Pier in Deerfield Beach FL

After driving all around South Florida on Tuesday, I found three RV’s that I really liked: The first, a Coachmen, was newest and looked the nicest, but I didn’t trust the salesman. The second (a Four Winds) and third (a Tioga) were about even in quality, but the Four Winds had more extras thrown in. The Tioga, was the very first RV I came across when I started my search online over two months ago. Ironically, it is also the same model as the RV used by the guy who got me thinking about going mobile in the first place: The Adventures of Tioga and George.

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