The Male Battle Dance

Two Seagulls

In my meditations, I’ve been working on seeing the the ego clearly – as the illusion that it is. I’ve been practicing so much that it is starting to affect my dreams…

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From the Desert to the Lake

Dock on Lake Tahoe

Thinking positively, “Won’t it be nice if I make it safely down the hill?”, I made it safely down the hill without blowing a tire or tearing out my holding tanks. I ended up at Lake Tahoe with a ton of email, new tasks and no hookups.

It’s very serene here.


Musing Statue

As I went about my day, I took the advice of a practice from Ask and It Is Given and spent much of my time appreciating my surroundings – no matter where I was. I immediately fell into “the zone” – something I often experience while shooting photos or feeling spiritually one. Though I had not realized this before, during those times I am always in this mode of appreciation, but feeling it was more of a gift than anything I could consciously perform. Today I learned you can put yourself into “the zone” simply by taking your time and seeing the beauty and wonder of anything in your vicinity.

Try it. Let me know your experiences.

New Habits

Picnic Shelters at Dusk

In The Power of Less – The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential one of the things Leo Babauta talks about is that if you want to create new habits in your life, the trick is to only attempt one at a time and only one a month. Here are the three new habits that I’ve brought into my life in the last three months. All with very little effort…

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