The Sequel to Fading Toward Enlightenment

FTE II Storyboard

PALM BAY, FL—A few days ago I was “filled” with an idea (the belief that “I” come up with these ideas seems silly to me now) that I should write a follow up to Fading Toward Enlightenment. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea—not from a financial point of view, but from a “rightness” POV.

What’s cool about the idea is that I’ve already got the style and tone down (same as FTE), the material (the time between FTE and my awakening), reference materials (this blog and memories), and even the photos.

Tips on Writing a Book

Above is a screen shot of my initial storyboard.

Two great iPad apps for the initial creative stages of book writing: Mindo, a mind mapping app which has relationships (ways of connecting distant nodes), and Corkulous which is the storyboard/corkboard app I used above.

Mind maps are great for punching in your thoughts, outlining, and seeing the relationships between topics, while storyboards are great for creative flow and overview. The mind map holds ALL the topics, the storyboard distills them down into scenes. I’ll also use the storyboard to select and “pin” the photos to the scenes.

While I’m a newbie with the iPad, I’m finding it to be—at these early stages of the book’s development—much more conducive to the creative flow (touch, move, resize, group) than the Macbook (type, point, click, highlight). They (the apps and the iPad’s more natural interface) enhance the creative process rather than reduce it via the traditional mouse/keyboard.

Some of my other book writing tips here.

I’m also thrilled with how good my ebooks look in the iPad’s default iBooks app. It reads the PDF file format perfectly and the photos come out clear and vibrant. (To get PDF’s onto your iPad, just drop the PDF files into your laptop’s/desktop’s iTunes library and synch the two).

Direction Clarifying

Fuzzy Flower

PALM BAY, FL–As I said earlier, I wasn’t sure WHY I was writing The Benefits of Mystical Oneness (free download here), but in doing so–in having faith in Her–not only did my “purpose” become clear (helping the mystically-minded find enlightenment), but also my next steps.

Benefits offers spiritual seekers Hope.

My next work(s) will offer spiritual seekers a Path (practices).

Until I get the Path down though, here’s a collection of blog posts filed under the topic Techniques.

The Benefits of Mystical Oneness (The Last Part)

Here is the last of The Benefits of Mystical Oneness. I’ll be adding some photographs (and maybe some commentary), then giving it away as an ebook.

I’m glad I followed through with it. I learned a lot about my vision, my message, my audience, and my understanding of the “intelligence” behind it all. I’ll cover those in more detail later, but first, here’s the last of the text (below the break (huh?)). Thanks for putting up with it/me/Her.

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The Benefits of Mystical Oneness (So Far III)

I know where it’s coming from, and I know to let go and let it flow, but I’m still amazed at how easily the words are “writing themselves.” The entire Part II: The Benefits of Radiance took only two hours at a Barnes and Noble this morning.

Text below the break (huh?).

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The Benefits of Mystical Oneness (So Far II)

Below is the remainder of Part I of The Benefits of Mystical Oneness, The Benefits of the Soul. Still ahead are Parts II and III: The Benefits of Radiance and The Benefits of Oneness.

For students of other traditions, it is important to remember that the level of the Soul is just a step toward fully integrating with the All/Her in the Level of Oneness. The Soul (think the Personal Self) must eventually be dropped for the Level of Radiance to appear (think the Enlightenment of Passion and the Enlightenment of Stillness); and the Level of Radiance must eventually be dropped for the Level of Oneness to be realized (think the Enlightenment of Oneness–the ultimate nondual state).

What sets the Mystical path of enlightenment apart from many of the other nondual traditions is the first step. At the very beginning of her quest, the seeker must make her Leap of Faith. Mystics LIVE as if they were eternal souls. They don’t stare at walls for hours on end. They don’t focus on their breathing. They don’t try to still their minds. They don’t ask themselves over and over, “Who am I?” They are not academics. They are not practitioners. They are not theorists or philosophers. They don’t stand on the edge of the cliff and contemplate what lies in the Abyss. They jump. They DO. They take the Leap and they LIVE it, right here, right now.

The mystic lives as if she were eternal. She experiences it.

Through living it, she finds the truth for herself.

The path of Mystical Oneness starts by living as a soul incarnate.

Text below the break (huh?).

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The Benefits of Mystical Oneness (So Far I)

Below is what I have so far for The Benefits of Mystical Oneness. Probably about once a week I’ll post what I’ve written since the week before.

I believe it will eventually become a free ebook to generate interest in what I’ve come to see as my forte: Mystical Oneness. Maybe then expand on it with theory and practices and a couple photo-slide-type videos. Who knows? It still isn’t clear what She has in mind.

No photos yet. When I write books, I always focus on the text first (idea, outline, tone), then I add photos later (usually from my library, but sometimes I shoot specifically for the book).

Not a lot of text for that matter either–but now that I have the tone down, a gender for the mystic (a nameless female), and a way of releasing the text piece-by-piece without boring everyone with constant updates, it should flow smoother from this point forward.

It will be divided into three sections (probably): The Benefits of the Soul; The Benefits of Radiance; and The Benefits of Oneness. Each section corresponds to the three distinct levels that a modern-day mystic would pass through on their way to awakening (actually, the Oneness level IS the awakened state, but you know what I mean).

The text (so far) below the break (huh?).

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More On Writing Mystically

Tire on a Dock on a Lake

PALM BAY, FL–I’ll probably be releasing the first installment of The Benefits of Mystical Oneness (TBOMO) tomorrow. Some surprises I’ve encountered during this project below the break (huh?).

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On Writing Mystically

Florida State Bird

PALM BAY, FL–I’ve started to write. I’m not writing about what I thought I would. It doesn’t make sense to spend the time on this project when there seem to be more important things to write about, but ultimately, this is where She’s leading me.

What’s left of my ego barrier is telling me not to waste my time on it, not to focus on the mystical side of enlightenment, let alone on the benefits. The ego barrier is afraid I’ll get a reputation as a nut case.

I’m ignoring him (the ego barrier). He seems to be nothing but trouble these days.

From my perspective, “I” simply don’t matter any more. To my ego barrier, I’m the center of my world, but the barrier is just a pile of conditioning, something that I see (and sometimes lose myself in), but it’s no longer “me.”

The conflict I’m having with this project though–between conditioning and faith–is a perfect example of surrendering to Her: of relinquishing control, of ignoring the consequences, of releasing and riding with the Flow.

Ultimately this project is a low-risk one. If you want to play with surrender, I’d encourage you to try a similar low-risk endeavor–one where your mind says “Left” and your heart says “Right.” You may fail, you may end up with egg on your face… but, if you are ready, you may find yourself face-to-face with the Divine.

I believe I’ll be releasing this work online, a piece at a time. This isn’t the way a sane person would write–they’d do a rough draft, then revise it a few times, then release it–but then that doesn’t seem to be what She has in mind.

Books and Bambi Killers

Book Covers

I’ve finished the eBook version of Fading Toward Enlightenment ($9.95) and the rework and updates to The Implications of the Soul (free). Both are available on this site.

It’s getting a little crowded up here on my mountain. Apparently deer hunting season (with bows) is due to start in about a week and the hunters are nailing down their campsites early. Looks like I’ll be heading out tomorrow as I’ve grown kind of attached to the deer around here. North, South, East, or West? Not sure yet.