On Writing Mystically

Florida State Bird

PALM BAY, FL–I’ve started to write. I’m not writing about what I thought I would. It doesn’t make sense to spend the time on this project when there seem to be more important things to write about, but ultimately, this is where She’s leading me.

What’s left of my ego barrier is telling me not to waste my time on it, not to focus on the mystical side of enlightenment, let alone on the benefits. The ego barrier is afraid I’ll get a reputation as a nut case.

I’m ignoring him (the ego barrier). He seems to be nothing but trouble these days.

From my perspective, “I” simply don’t matter any more. To my ego barrier, I’m the center of my world, but the barrier is just a pile of conditioning, something that I see (and sometimes lose myself in), but it’s no longer “me.”

The conflict I’m having with this project though–between conditioning and faith–is a perfect example of surrendering to Her: of relinquishing control, of ignoring the consequences, of releasing and riding with the Flow.

Ultimately this project is a low-risk one. If you want to play with surrender, I’d encourage you to try a similar low-risk endeavor–one where your mind says “Left” and your heart says “Right.” You may fail, you may end up with egg on your face… but, if you are ready, you may find yourself face-to-face with the Divine.

I believe I’ll be releasing this work online, a piece at a time. This isn’t the way a sane person would write–they’d do a rough draft, then revise it a few times, then release it–but then that doesn’t seem to be what She has in mind.

Books and Bambi Killers

Book Covers

I’ve finished the eBook version of Fading Toward Enlightenment ($9.95) and the rework and updates to The Implications of the Soul (free). Both are available on this site.

It’s getting a little crowded up here on my mountain. Apparently deer hunting season (with bows) is due to start in about a week and the hunters are nailing down their campsites early. Looks like I’ll be heading out tomorrow as I’ve grown kind of attached to the deer around here. North, South, East, or West? Not sure yet.

Out My Window

Out My Window

This little girl was eating my discarded sunflower seeds. I guess she liked the salt.

Finishing up Seeing Clearly and getting it ready for the publication online. Seeing Clearly is a lot more like Fading Toward Enlightenment (Spiritual and Poetic) than A Simple Explanation For Everything (Physical and Spiritual Theory). Easy, serene and with more than a dozen artistic photos. Hope you’ll like it.

New Book – Somewhat New Site

A Simple Explanation For Everything

I’m pleased to announce the release of my latest book, A Simple Explanation for Everything. Available in eBook format (Adobe PDF) for instant download here.

I’ve also modified the website a bit, making it cleaner and more centered around my works. Let me know if you have any suggestions or see any problems. Thanks!

Making Videos


One of the reasons that I came up this mountain, besides to escape the heat, was to find a place in nature where it was peaceful and quiet so I could shoot some videos for my book. The videos are just me doing the talking head about HDI, but I wanted a nice, serene background. Turns out it’s a lot harder to shoot video outside because the light is constantly changing, the wind blows your papers all over the place and flies land on your nose just as you are trying to make an important point.

So I ended up shooting the videos inside. Oh well – it’s still pretty damn nice up here.

Second Draft

Mt. Hood, OR

I’ve finished the second draft of, tentatively titled, A Simple Explanation for Everything. Since the first draft, I’ve probably added about five or six new chapters with an additional 25% to the word count.

HDI theory, this “simple explanation for everything,” eloquently explains some of the greatest mysteries in modern science: the Big Bang, Dark Matter, Quantum Entanglement, etc. But I debated back and forth on whether I should include a section on how HDI theory also explains the mystical: the Human Soul, Reincarnation, Spirit, etc..

Basically, I had to figure out who my target audience was.

The smart choice would have been to break it up into two books, one for the scientific type, and one for the spiritual type.

I, being the stupid type, have opted to target both – unifying the physical with the mystical.

This is a terrible marketing move, but, as I’ve said, I’m the stupid type and really don’t care.

The Book In You

Brick Building

Today I went to one of my old haunts, the NW district, and worked on my book. I really enjoy sitting in a coffee shop and writing. Most people, I believe, have a book in them – they just don’t know how to go about getting it out.

Here’s what I do…

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First Draft Done

Stairs in the Woods

I’ve finished the first draft of the book I mentioned a bit back. Need to expand on some topics, create some illustrations and maybe a video or two. Haven’t decided on a title yet, “HDI Theory: A simple explanation for everything from the Big Bang to the Human Soul” – something like that.

Probably moving on to Portland tomorrow.

Finished First Draft


I finished the first draft of The Implications of the Soul today. Now comes the refining, re-writing, balancing, etc. In the mean time, here are some more shots around Portland, ME…

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