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This May Be The End

REDINGER LAKE, CA—I’m going to try to get this post out before the end. Don’t if I’ll make or not… . Trackpad is screwing up. Double-clicks, single-clicks, drags and drops all on its own. Seems to go into a semi-infinite

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But It’s A Life I Kinda Like

REDINGER LAKE, CA—With only a few gallons of water and rapidly dwindling supplies, it seemed it was time to leave this quiet and beautiful place. As I climbed into the front seat, I took a last look around at the

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Why I Suck

OUTSIDE MAGDALENA, NM—The title is a play on a post from awhile ago, Why You Suck, but enough about you already, let’s talk about me. The reason I don’t have a large following, why I’m not spiritually business savvy, why

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Top 10 Odd Ways People Find Me

My Home On Navajo Lake

NAVAJO LAKE SP, NM—Some odd search terms people use to find me:

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The Noisy Valley

Taos Ski Valley

Taos Ski Valley, NM—I’ve moved to the ski area above Taos because I needed a faster internet connection to prep for the book launch. I was hoping to stay a week or so, but it’s pretty noisy up here with the cars and trucks straining to make it up the steep grade, the crickets/locusts in heat (or whatever they’re doing), horses whinnying and clopping, brooks babbling, and those damn trees just won’t quit their constant rustling. Don’t even get me started on the birds that won’t shut up. It’s miserable.

But it’s free and it’s cool way up here in the stratosphere, so maybe I’ll tough it out for another couple days.

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Sunspots and Aliens


Storrie Lake SP, NM—My Verizon MIFI (hotspot) has been acting up for the last three days—sun spots or aliens I’m sure—so I’ll just post a photo while I’ve got the chance.

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Dual Infestations

Bees Moving In


Apparently, my “no neighbors” remark from yesterday’s post was premature (or anti-precognitive?).

Today, my serene lakeside beach camp became infested—infested I tell you—not with cows (with horns), but with both boy scouts and bees in my air conditioner (the bees are in my air conditioner, not the boy scouts).

My Dark Side immediately pondered, “I’m sure there’s a way to get these two forces to somehow negate each other…”

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Why I Pepper-Sprayed Myself

Window and Chimney

Silver River SP, Ocala, FL—While I was staying at Wickham Park, I heard of, or saw, four acts of violence (always on weekends, always due to drugs or alcohol).

How does a Man-of-Her deal with violence? How does one handle “God forgotten” moving through Man?

My answer below the break. (Huh?).

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PS: Today is my Deathday

PALM BAY, FL–Today is my “deathday.” Sort of like a birthday, but in reverse. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a sneaky suspicion that I was going to die on December 7th, though I never knew–and still don’t know–what year.

Deathdays can serve as powerful reminders of what you wish you would have focused more on in this life (now that it may be too late). So if you don’t have a deathday, I encourage you to pick one.

This year, my deathday kind of snuck up on me (don’t they all?), so if I never speak with you again, “Happy Life Day!” and thanks for all the fish! (A mis-quote from the fourth book of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy.)

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The Unfortunate Fire Ant Incident

Ant Battle

PALM BAY, FL–And now for something completely different.

The other day, the exterminators for the condo association sprayed outside the buildings. When ants in Florida see exterminators their usual response is to exclaim, “What? Is it moving day already?”

So last night, I strip naked, turn out the lights and slip into bed. Unbeknownst to me, an entire colony of fire ants had moved their nest between the top sheet and the bottom sheet of my bed.

Not under the bed. Not between the top sheet and the blanket, but between the sheets… exactly where my naked butt would soon come to rest.

Additionally, by lifting the sheets to climb into bed, many ants clung to the underside of the top sheet, so when the sheet came to rest gently upon my naked and vulnerable body, the above mentioned ants (did I mention they were FIRE ants?) came to rest gently upon my naked and vulnerable genitals.

So let me set the scene for you: An entire COLONY of ants. FIRE ants. In the BED. In the DARK. Naked and vulnerable GENITALS.

I’m sorry to say but it didn’t end well for either of us.

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