Limbo Less

Sailboat At Dawn

Sailboat At Dawn

WICKHAM CP, FL—With the folks moved into their new condo and me officially banned by the Great and Powerful Board from living in their old place, I find myself out of limbo and free to get moving on my next rig.

I’ve been motivating myself by gathering ideas for my first road trip in my as-yet-to-be-purchased stealth camper. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

I browse through National Geographic’s Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways to find areas that I want to explore. Then I use Trey Ratcliff’s free Stuck on Earth app to see what other photographers have discovered in those places.

Since most travel guides excel at providing tourist information (something I could care less about) but suck when it comes to what an area looks like, the Stuck on Earth app is invaluable.

The fall leaf season in the Northeast (something I’ve never seen before) sounds like a plan.

Now I just need to buy a rig, outfit it for a quick first run, and hit the road.

Back On the Road

BelknapCrater, OR

ONTARIO, OR–I donated the truck to the Oregon Food Bank Friday, but it was too late to rent a car so I had to wait until today (Monday) to leave. Since no surgery date for my mother’s procedure has been set, I’m going to do a little sightseeing on the way to Florida. A few places that have been calling me: The Red Rock region of Utah, Durango, Colorado Springs, St. Louis (the Arch). With just a few jags, they are all along the central west to east U.S. corridor. Probably won’t do much more than pass through and take a few photos, but, as I said, they’ve been calling me.

Musings on the Stealth Camper

Un-stealth Camping

MT. HOOD, OR–I’m still up on my mountain (don’t ya love that, “I own this mountain”). I’ll get into the why soon, but in the meantime, here are some thoughts on living in a cargo truck.

More below the break (huh?).

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Earl and the Terrorist

Everson City Hall

ON THE LAMB IN BELLINGHAM, WA–So I drift into Everson, WA to honor The Bastard Doug Coone’s legacy, stop in a practically vacant church lot, and hop in the back to take a shower (the mornings and evenings are pretty cold up here, so afternoons are best for bathing). Clean and refreshed, I strap on my camera bag and wander around town taking photos and asking locals about a place Doug used to work at called the “Silver Fox.” The entire time I’m in town, the local police officer, let’s call him Earl, is following me about, giving me the evil eye…

More below the break (huh)?

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The Wayne of Christmas Future

Rocks in a Stream

LOLO NATIONAL FOREST NEAR ST. REGIS, MT–As I drove northwest from Missoula, I stopped by a river, read, ate, and took a bath in its cool, clear waters. With no pressing engagements, I decided to spend the night.

I love the freedom that the stealth camper provides. Without the need to research campgrounds, I can just drive off in any direction I feel like heading, stop when I’m tired, make camp pretty much wherever. The freedom is wonderful.

In the last post I mentioned that I was inquiring into this “pebble” of self, this “Wayne” thing. If you’re interested, I go into it more below the break (huh?).

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Letting Her Drive

Pilings on Lake Superior

ASHLAND, WI–So I’m driving and my mind is spinning around and around with stuff like, “Is this really the lifestyle I want? Look at the freedom! I feel like I’m doing something wrong when I make camp in someone’s parking lot. I can travel anywhere and stay anywhere!”

Round and round and round.

The doubts come up when I can’t get online to do some work or I’m taking a shower with a garden pump sprayer or I’m using a bucket and cat litter for a toilet. The joy and freedom is felt when I pull off the road overlooking Lake Superior, open the back doors and sit in my home and take in the view for a couple hours.

As my mind spun in circles and the doubts whirled, I asked myself, “Did I do the right thing?” and just as clear as day I heard Her voice, “You’ll know when you get out West.”

Until just that moment, I didn’t know where I was heading.

Take over Baby. I don’t need me anymore. Let me just get out of Your way.

When Things Go “Wrong”

Two Flags on a Pier

NEWPORT NEWS, VA–One of the great lessons that problems teach us, as I have been reminded of over and over lately, is that we can resist them and be miserable, or we can step back, surrender, and feel free as Life takes us on Her own journey.

It’s natural to resist, to fight, to try to overcome the obstacles (the personal self loves to control things), but by surrendering your desires and saying, “Come what may,” you step away from the troubles, and then magically the stress just falls away.

For myself at times like these, I like to slide into what I call the Passionate level of Enlightenment–letting go, opening up, and allowing Her to flow through me.

I probably best described the Passionate Level here (and guide listeners into it here). It’s wonderful to feel some higher power (God, Tao, Spirit, Higher Self, Her) moving through you. You almost never know where it’s going, but it always feels “right.”

PS: Some more photos of the truck’s current interior (with new floor and dressers) below the break. (What does “below the break” mean?)

PPS: I picked up the missing bolt on Monday, the truck is fixed, and I should be heading north to cooler air in a couple days.

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The Power of Emptiness

Fountain and Foundation

NEWPORT NEWS, VA–It’s amazing what a few holes in a box can do. Two windows and a vent and all of the sudden, there is light and air and Life.

Pure awareness–that which is your nature before your mind starts buzzing–is a lot like the new windows in my truck. It really isn’t anything special, just an opening–but that opening allows for us to see and breathe. What was dark before awareness/windows, is now light. In a very real way, openings allow Life.

I differ from many non-dual teachers in that I spend a lot of time celebrating and appreciating the life that flows forth from this emptiness (and I call that flowing, moving Life, “Her.”)

Before, when I climbed inside the back of the truck and closed the doors it was pitch black and stuffy. Now there is light and air (and Life). Your awareness is the Light and Life–and ironically, your mind confuses things and makes everything dark. 🙂

(Raw pictures of the truck with windows and the early bed below the break.  What does “below the break” mean?)

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Making My Bed

Red Circle Door

NEWPORT NEWS, VA–If all goes well, my windows and vent should be installed sometime this week. I’ve been working on the bed frame and platform the last couple of days. I decided on a full size version (versus the smaller twin), even though it will take up more space. A lot of time is spent in bed, so I figured I’d do it right.

Though I could have gone with a folding sofa/bed design (copying what Randy had done in his stealth trailer), I went with the simpler, always down bed. I can change it later if I find it gets too cramped inside.

The bed will sit three feet up in the air so there will be plenty of storage space underneath. This is a big reason why I wanted to get the bed done (versus just an air mattress on the floor). I needed someplace to store the boxes of my stuff and keep them from shifting while driving.

Since I don’t have a skill saw (my 1500 watt inverter isn’t powerful enough to run one), I just have the wood cut to my measurements at the Lowe’s, and then it’s just a matter of assembling the pieces.

Because I’m taking it slow–doing a step at a time then re-evaluating my plans–I’m finding I make less mistakes. This has made the whole process much more enjoyable.

Looking Forward

Door and Handle and Lock and Window

NEWPORT NEWS, VA–I’ve been looking at the maps lately, looking outward. Looking toward the Road. I’m more comfortable with the truck now–more confident in her–in her reliability, her quirks and personality.

Once the ceiling vent and windows are installed (I’m having them done–I’m leery of cutting into the walls and roof), I’ll return to the Road.

Initially, I’ll travel in survival mode. I’ll lay in a plywood floor to cover the current grated metal one, toss in an air mattress, a cooler, a camp stove. A bucket for a toilet, a pan and sprayer for a shower. A camp chair to relax and read in. Some containers to stow my few possessions.

I’ll head north in search of cooler weather. Maybe the rugged Maine coastline with its small harbor towns. From there? Who knows? I’ll go to wherever She calls.

I’ll build out the interior as I go, a step at a time, learning what works and what doesn’t. Like Life, you learn it by living it, you find your way by feeling it.

I’m looking forward to the Adventure. To this next phase of my life.

I hear Her calling to me. I feel her pull.