Nissan NV Stealth Camper: The Floor

WICKHAM CP, FL—It’s hard to believe, but it took me a full eight hours to lay in the floor. I’m starting to understand why Glenn was so often off in his Vanagon conversion estimates. Still, I wasn’t in a hurry. Usually when I don’t know what I’m doing I just sit down and stare and wait for an idea (a whisper) to hit. So subtract a couple hours if you know what you’re doing. More below the break (huh?). … Read more…

Mystics, Vans, and Photos

Black (and White) Coffee

Black (and White) Coffee

WICKHAM CP, FL—I’ll be the first to admit that I’m all over the place with this blog—Mysticism, Nomadism, Photographyism…. A huge mistake according to marketers. Focus on ONE topic or you’re doomed the internet gurus insist.

Oh well—screw ’em.


I do understand that not all of you are going to be interested in the van conversion. I also recognize that there are nomad friends of mine who could care less about Mystical Oneness (weird, right?).

So what to do?

Boonie (fellow nomad who could care less about mystical anything) suggested I start a new blog on just the Nissan NV conversion. At first I thought this was an excellent suggestion, but after sleeping on it, I thought it was a sucky one—another blog just makes my life more complicated (yuck).

But I/We/She came up with an alternative:

If you are interested in both Mystical Oneness AND van dwelling, you don’t need to do anything—all is well in your world.

If you can’t stand Mystical Oneness, but like the idea of converting and living in a van, you’ll notice a new menu item above titled Van Dwelling. This will take you to a page where you can:

  1. Follow all the posts on converting and living in a van
  2. Subscribe via RSS to ONLY my VanDwelling posts

If you could care less about van dwelling but LOVE Mystical Oneness, I’ve developed a super secret code just for you which I’ve embedded into the blog posts:

If the lead photo looks very unWayne-like (say a drab, boring photo of a screwdriver), then that post is just about van dwelling (or converting a van) so feel free to skip it.

Disclaimer: You know me though—I see God/Her in practically everything and hear Her whispers all the time, so some VanDwelling posts will also have messages for Mystics embedded in them. You’ll recognize these posts because they’ll have a typical Wayne-like photo even though the title of the article suggests a VanDwelling post (of which this post is a good example).

A Blank Canvas

The Stealth Camper

The Stealth Camper

WICKHAM CP, FL—My salesman, Dan, said he’d never seen one with windows all around—his customers always ordering the solid sides since they use them to haul cargo. He said I was super lucky to find one with windows at all, that there had only been one in the entire southeastern US but by some bizarre coincidence, that one just happened to be sitting on the lot of a dealer across town. I nodded and smiled and said, “Hmm, imagine that” like this stuff happens to me all the time (which of course it does, but he didn’t know that).

We finished up and Dan said it was one of the smoothest deals he’d ever done. Even though I got more for my old truck and paid less than I expected for the new van, both of us were happy and Dan said that he wished all his sales were this easy.

It was easy too… it flowed. And when it did get clunky, when the paperwork guy tried to pitch me on the extended warranty, the dent and scratch repair, theft protection… all that “be afraid, be afraid” stuff, I just smiled and shook my head and said “Yeah… I won’t be needing any of that.”

It’s a Nissan NV. A big empty box. A blank canvas. It has the same footprint as my old truck, but high enough that I can stand up in it.

It should make an excellent stealth camper.

The plan is to slap together a temporary interior: move the solar over, add a floor, some insulation, a dresser, and a sofa/bed—then hit the road by October 1 for the fall season. Come winter, I’ll return to Florida and outfit it a bit more seriously (maybe).


Interior View From The Rear