More Guys With Guns Trying To Intimidate

Where The Path Leads Is Uncertain

Where The Path Leads Is Uncertain


July 28, 2016 10:28 AM

The book is coming well. This new “focused version” is making it much easier to write. Or maybe it’s just the mountain.

Yesterday, I drove into town for some people time, then set up camp at this sweet spot I know, but last night—after dark—two guys set up their “camp” about 50 yards away and started firing their guns in what I guess was an attempt to drive me out. … Read more…


A Light Stone On A Medicine Circle

A Light Stone On A Medicine Circle


JUNE 30, 2016 5:20 PM

Garth came down from his campsite—a campsite I hadn’t known was there 12 hours ago—and asked me how I’d slept and I knew She’d whispered to him in the night. Spiritual people tend to pick up on Her vibe. … Read more…

I Love Mt. Shasta

Mendocino, CA

Mendocino, CA


JUNE 27, 2016 9:46 AM

After spending a few days in the mountains outside Forest Glen, I drove down (in elevation) through Redding (102 degrees), picked up some supplies and some lunch, then drove up (both in direction and elevation) to much cooler (in both temperature and vibe) Mt. Shasta.

I was here last fall and loved it, but it was getting too cold then so I didn’t stay long. A few moments ago, when the barista passed me a huge mug for coffee and told me the password for the wifi, ilovemtshasta, I replied, “So far, I do too.”

Lots of free camping close to a new-age town and a coffeeshop with big mugs. What’s not to love?

The photo above is not from here, obviously, it’s from Mendocino Headlands State Park. Just trying to catch up with Life, photo-wise.

My Mobile Tiki Hut

View From The Office

View From The Office


June 13, 2016 11:29 AM

Redinger Lake may very well be my favorite place to boondock. I don’t normally set up a camp, but this place is different.

When I arrived yesterday, the site I favored previously was taken, but as it turned out (you shouldn’t be surprised by now), this worked out to my advantage. By “forcing” me to look for a new spot, I found a great site a couple hundred yards away. Right on the lake, a gentle path down to the water (normally you have to climb down steep rocks) and no room for anyone else to camp right next to me. I don’t know why I never saw this spot before, but I’m grateful now.

I don’t usually set up a camp (ground mat, table, chair) as I don’t usually stay in one spot more than a day or two, but this place is different. Redinger lake is secluded, so town runs for coffee/work are off the table.

With this new, “I’m staying here for about a week” attitude, I’m experimenting with using a spare set of sheets to act as an awning/shade (ala Lifehacker). Pretty sweet so far—shade, gentle breeze, cool water and Jimmy Buffett on the stereo. By repositioning my easy chair to face out the cargo door, it’s almost like I’m living in a mobile tiki hut.

Doesn’t get much better than this.

Enlightenment and the Family

The Only Shot I Could Get Without People In It

The Only Shot I Could Get Without People In It


June 11, 2016 7:26 AM

Being free, waterfront camping near a large city makes this a popular spot with families trying to stretch a dollar. Practically all the campsites near the river were taken… but not my favorite. After 450 miles of driving, She saved the site for me—or made it available just before I arrived.

I know I should be used to it by now, but I’m still surprised when—against all odds, She lines Life up. I’m always grateful though.

The banks of the river are filled with families and tents and kids and dogs. Young, financially struggling families escaping the heat of Bakersfield.

I’ve been thinking about families a lot lately. Maybe that’s why She guided me all the way out here to the busy and populated side of the Sierras… to think about families and Mystical Oneness and how they interact. … Read more…

A Breeze Blows Through

A Cooler Mountain Camp

A Cooler Mountain Camp


June 5, 2016 3:01 PM

I closed the laptop, drained my coffee, and left the cafe to find some lunch. Not crazy about my options, I picked up a sub, hopped in the van and soon found myself on a single lane, mountain road.

It’s been hot here in Williams, but cooler than most places. Still, it’s hotter than I like.

Normally, when I see a sign that says, “Steep and Winding Mountain Grade Next 5 Miles” I turn around. Experience has taught me there won’t be any level campsites, but I drove on anyway.

But a spot soon appeared, a wonderful spot—not so much because the elevation lowered the temperature any, but because of the clear, cool and unobstructed breeze blowing in from the valley below. It’s really pleasant here.

I figure I’ll stay in Williams another few days to allow this heat wave to pass, then—maybe Thursday or Friday—make a dash to Redinger Lake. It’s cool waters have been calling me.

Love As A Guiding Principle

I Was Thinking Of You When I Took This Photo

I Was Thinking Of You When I Took This Photo


May 25, 2016 11:10 AM

I had completely forgotten about the Memorial Day weekend until I overheard a conversation in a coffeeshop. To avoid the “holiday desperation” that often comes with it, I’ve decided to wait it out here in Flagstaff where I know the terrain and the remote campsites. As a bonus, the extra few days will give me time to finish up the materials for the book proposal. Maybe even get it off to some publishers.

Which brings up the topic of this post. My guiding principle, my motto, my maxim, the way of living which I’ve been practicing since it was revealed a couple months ago:

Do everything for Love. Let TaoGod worry the details.

When you shift your motivations from one of “What can I get out of this?” to “I’m doing this for Love,” something amazing happens… … Read more…

The Arrival

Preparations For The Fall Burn

Preparations For The Fall Burn


May 19, 2016 4:13 PM

As I was pulling out from my vast and pleasant and private camping area… they were pulling in with their vast and giant fifth-wheel.

“You found my place,” I said with a smile. A polite smile, but not one of joy. More like the reluctant acceptance of the inevitable.

“Yeah, we were going to stay down the road, but friends kept calling us and now there are about ten other rigs joining our group, so we thought it best to make camp here.”

I knew it was too good to last, but She had gifted me this place for almost two weeks—and all to myself—so I can’t complain.

“We love Flagstaff. We’re going to stay here all summer.”

I was hoping to finish the book proposal before moving on, but now I think I’ll just finish cleaning up the outline, then take a week to do some traveling. Send the proposal off sometime after that.

The scouts have scouted and reported back: The weather is beautiful and the snows are gone…

and the Great Nomadic Horde has arrived in Flagstaff.

Subtle Beckonings

A Gift Received

A Gift Received


May 7, 2016 4:55 PM

The forests around Flagstaff have been gradually filling up with seasonal campers—grabbing all the choice locations and never leaving them. Like any form of wildlife, this has forced me to keep moving my habitat deeper and deeper into the forest. … Read more…