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This is a free book. Please share it.

I use the term free in the title of this book in two ways. The first, free as in no charge. There’s no charge for this book, not even an email address. No charge as in the entire section on enlightenment from my opus, Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being, is provided within, absolutely free. Not a watered-down version. Not a teaser. Not a cliff-hanger. What follows is the entire section on the Witness Aspect—the Aspect of enlightenment.

For free.

I also use the term free as in removing the bindings and letting something loose in the world. As you will soon discover, enlightenment is a skill that anyone can learn. There is no longer a reason for it to be restricted to the few and the lucky and the elite. In this case, when I say free enlightenment, I mean to free it up for the masses.

I’m sharing this information—how to awaken to enlightenment—freely because the world is in trouble. Too many people are taking themselves seriously and it is pissing everyone off. People are angry. People are being mean to each other. People are arguing and fighting and stressed out and scared and just miserable.

But there’s no reason for all this unhappiness. Now that we know what enlightenment is—now that anyone can awaken to enlightenment—we can start to reap the benefits of it.

When the me and the not-me are experienced as one—when everything you see feels like it is at once in here and out there at the same time—nothing needs to be taken personally anymore.

Seriously. Nothing. Not even your me-me-me thing.

And when you don’t take your me-me-me thing personally—when you don’t take it seriously—you’re filled with love and peace and bliss.

That’s my vision.

Love, peace, and bliss for everyone! More kindness! More compassion! Less bullies and more people getting along and happy!

Whoo! Whoo! Free enlightenment for everyone!

Okay. I’ll get off my soapbox now. It’s time for you to wake up to a whole new world…

If you agree with my vision for a kinder, happier world, please share this book wherever spiritual seekers gather.


Wayne Wirs

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