A Simple Explanation For Everything

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A Simple Explanation for Everything presents a radical new theory which solves many of Life’s greatest mysteries:

  • What exactly is the Human Soul
  • Why reincarnation should be expected to happen
  • Why we forget our past lives
  • What exactly is Spirit

Just as importantly, it also solves many of Modern Science’s most perplexing phenomena:

  • The Origin of the Universe
  • Quantum Entanglement
  • The “why” of Gravity (why mass distorts space)
  • Why scientists will never find “Dark Matter”
  • Animal Instincts

Presented in a humorous, easily read format, this theory, called HDI (Higher Dimensional Interaction), finally brings together a simple theory of everything. A theory that unites the Physical and the Mystical with one, easy-to-understand explanation.

A Simple Explanation

What makes this theory so elegant is that if you can push a sharpened pencil through a sheet of paper, you can understand everything in this book.

With a pencil and a sheet of paper, you will soon understand some of the greatest mysteries that have puzzled mankind since the beginning of time:

  • You’ll find out exactly how animals know important skills right from birth (Animal Instincts).
  • You’ll learn about Dark Matter and why astronomers, who have spent billions of dollars looking for it, will never find it.
  • You’ll learn about a fascinating phenomena called Quantum Entanglement and how physicists have never figured out why or how it happens – until this book was released.
  • You’ll see how the Universe formed without the impossible “something from nothing” Big Bang.
  • You’ll learn exactly what the Human Soul is, what if feels like, and what to expect after your death.
  • You’ll gain a keen insight into Spirit – how it is shared with all living things, and how it naturally fits in with this Simple Explanation for Everything.

Many philosophers, scientists, and religions have presented theories of our world, but never before has anyone presented a theory that unifies both the Mystical with the Physical in such an elegant, easy-to-understand solution.

An Excerpt:

What HDI Theory Means To You

The HDI theory of quantum entanglement, where two 3D particles are in reality a single HD particle opens the door to the existence of higher dimensional objects interacting with our 3D universe. Once it is accepted that these higher dimensions do in fact exist, then many of the greatest mysteries of both science and religion can be easily and elegantly explained.

I suspect, once HDI theory has been seriously considered by the scientific community, many other mysteries of the physical universe will be solved: black holes, light exhibiting the properties of wave and particles, the speed of light limitation, etc..

Indeed, research into the effects of higher dimensional objects on our 3D space may lead to the possibility of creating “worm holes” through space, artificial gravity by compressing 3D space, and anti-gravity by expanding it. The possibilities are mind boggling.

For the more spiritually inclined, HDI theory can help bring together the physical and the mystical worlds. No longer do religious beliefs require a blind faith which can be strained in times of stress or disenchantment, but which are strengthened by being backed by a theory that shows strong evidence manifested in the physical world around us.

Because of HDI theory’s explanation of animal instincts, reincarnation no longer seems fanciful or mysterious but becomes entirely plausible. Grounded in the same concept as all HDI theory—an HD object interacting with our 3D space—the vision of all living creatures, humans included, being HD “souls” that have multiple 3D lives, makes reincarnation easily explainable and much easier to believe in.

HDI theory, by showing us that we are an HD person—a human soul—that transcends individual lives, automatically helps loosen the grip the ego has on our identity. We start to think of ourselves as a much “larger” person, who comes back again and again into our 3D world, growing wiser and more peaceful with each life.

We start to think of ourselves as greater beings, as eternal souls temporarily inhabiting these bodies, souls that never die and who continually learn and love. We stop thinking of ourselves as these pitiful little humans who live a short, painful and futile life with only dark oblivion promised for our future.

Our relationships with friends, family and lovers become deeper as we acknowledge our previous lives with them. Errors, misjudgments, wrongs, and anything we may regret in this current life, can be corrected and atoned for in future ones.

Fear and worry no longer need govern our lives, for what is to be worried about? To those who consider themselves to be an HD soul rather than a 3D person, this life is “just another day.” Things will go wrong, mistakes will be made and they will either be forgotten or corrected in later lives.

The concept of the Over-Soul, or Spirit, fits in perfectly with HDI theory and helps us feel a brotherhood with all living creatures. HDI theory says that Spirit is simply a higher version of ourselves and makes it apparent that it is our “Source Self” at our deepest level—that Spirit is who we truly are. Getting in touch with the “being-ness” of Spirit, feeling it within, brings to us an overwhelming sense of serenity and a harmonious “oneness” with all of Nature.

Tiny sub-atomic particles, gravity, the formation of the entire Universe, animal instincts, the Soul, and divine Spirit all elegantly explained with a sharpened pencil pushed through a sheet of typing paper. Higher Dimensional Interaction.

Table of Contents

  • About This Book
  • How To Read This Book
  • Preface
  • An Introduction to Dimensions
  • How to Visualize a Higher Dimensional Object
  • When Dimensions Collide
  • What an “HD You” Looks Like
  • Quantum Entanglement
  • The Origin of the Universe
  • Movement
  • Gravity
  • Dark Matter
  • Animal Instincts
  • The Leap
  • Reincarnation
  • Why We Don’t Remember Past Lives
  • The Soul
  • The Implications of the Soul
  • Soul Mates and Soul Hates
  • Spirit
  • What HDI Theory Means To You
  • In Closing: “Parting”

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  1. just downloaded the eBook…looks like an interesting read.
    I’ve beed doodling with Brainwave Entrainment for use in meditation for some time. Also done much reading on the topic of reincarnation…but with a twist…from the old Christian Gnostics and the idea of “Binary Soul Doctrine” , your take looks interesting.

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