The Implications of the Soul

Note: The Implications of the Soul was written in 2008. While this is still a useful book, my more recent (free) book, The Free Soul has much more detailed and up-to-date information.
— Wayne

The Implications of the Soul

The Implications of the Soul is a Free, short ebook which will radically change your worldview and help you experience life–and yourself–as a Soul.

All works on this page are free, but if you find them useful, a donation would be appreciated.

Identifying with the Soul is a key–and almost universally forgotten–step in any spiritual seeker’s quest for enlightenment. Skipping this step will almost guarantee failure.

Shifting your identity from Person to Soul then Radiance and Pure Awareness (Enlightenment) is much easier than it is to shift directly from Person straight to Pure Awareness.

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Free Past Life Recall Download

Mentioned in The Implications of the Soul is a technique I use to recall past lives and has been quite successful for others.

Below you will find two versions of this Free Past Life Recall Audio Session. Please select whichever one works on your system. If in doubt, try the MPEG-4 first as it is the smaller sized file (though of equal quality).

(If you have problems, try this: RIGHT-Click on one of the links above, then do a SAVE AS to save the file to your hard drive. Then double click on that file. Select QuickTime, iTunes, or Windows Media Player to listen to it.)

Bonus Breathwork Track “Breathe”

You can enhance your Past Life Recall session greatly by first listening to the following “breathwork-only” track just prior to listening to the Past Life Recall track. Simply listen and breath in sync with the recording for the entire track, then continue breathing this way throughout the entire Past Life Recall track.

How To Use These Recordings…

You will need at least 15 minutes (25 minutes when using the Breathe track) where you can lie down and not be disturbed. Headphones are not required but highly recommended.

Please don’t expect to recall a past life on the first session or two. You will probably be too focused on getting your breathing right to properly focus on the guided meditation part.

This is a very simple session which covers three moments from a past life: A typical day, an important event, and your death. If you do not wish to recall your death (in that past life of course), you may simply stop the recording when offered the opportunity.

The session does not cover a lot of details: your age, the year, what country you live in, etc., but these may very well reveal themselves to you – possibly hours or even days after the session. This often happens with me as I am journaling my experiences.

If the events seem overwhelming, don’t worry. They are only memories of a past from long ago. The more lives you recall, the less powerful the emotional impact becomes. The first few lives may feel more “jarring” though, until you get used to detaching yourself from the experience.

Breath Technique:

Once prompted, you will need to start breathing in a fairly rapid, and shallow manner. This is similar to Holotropic and Rebirthing breathing techniques. Time you breathing to coincide with my breathing on the recording. You should breathe in and out through your mouth only with a quick inhalation followed by an unforced exhalation (by relaxing your diaphragm). Your mouth should be open and relaxed. Simply pull the breath in, then release it in sync with my breathing. After a few minutes you will naturally find the “depth” of breath that allows you to continue breathing properly throughout the entire session.

It is important that you breathe like this through the entire breathwork session.

To enhance your experience, use the optional Breathe track first, immediately followed by the Past Life Recall track. The Breathe track is simply ten minutes of breathing using the above technique.


  • Listen to the tracks when you go to bed at night – or first thing in the morning. You will be much more relaxed.
  • For a more powerful session, listen to the Breathe track first. Continue breathing straight into the Past Life Recall Track.
  • Immediately after the session, journal your experience with a short paragraph for each of these phases of that life: TYPICAL DAY, IMPORTANT EVENT, DEATH.
  • The more often you listen to the track(s), the clearer your past life memories will become. This is because you get better at both the breath technique and the ability to focus your mind on the session.


How do you distinguish between a Past Life Memory and Imagination?

Just like regular memories, past life memories are filled with details and unusual but understandable events. Examples: I awoke on a table (as a servant boy). My two daughters, one son and a girl I considered a daughter were there. I was making a wicker basket. I was wearing a sheer, black veil. I had a mole on my right cheek. Imagination is much more vague: I was a soldier versus I was a foot soldier in the Roman army, there was some dirt and blood in a crease on my breastplate. Often these details become apparent as you journal your session since the session itself is fairly short. With imagination or fantasy, you won’t experience the details.

Do I have to keep breathing exactly in-synch with the recording?

Yes and no. All through the Breathe track, you should synchronize you breathing with the recording. In the Past Life Recall track, just synchronize your breathing with the first section, after that, the breathing is played only as a reminder. Just try to keep breathing at about that rate and depth.

Do I have to lie down while listening?

It is best if you do, but not necessarily. Some people experience dry mouth to the point of distraction with the breath technique. If this is the case, then you should try it sitting up and take a sip of water as needed during the session.

I’m noticing a pattern to my past lives. What is that about?

Very often during the IMPORTANT recollection phase of the recording, you will see patterns – ie: I (Wayne) often have abandoned a loved one or been abandoned by a loved one. Recurring events are imporant lessons which you probably haven’t learned yet and have been repeating over and over. I tell people NOT to focus on their past lives, but to focus on what it means to have future lives (see The Implications of the Soul), but in the case of repeated patterns, I do suggest you look closely at these lessons lest you be doomed to keep repeating them.

All works on this page are free, but if you find them useful, a donation would be appreciated.

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6 thoughts on “The Implications of the Soul

  1. My first session was relaxing- fear of death is dissolving from the mind. I was skeptical when i started (non-dualist ego), a “leap of faith” transformed my identity from a person to an eternal Radiant Soul .

  2. I did the breathing for 30 minutes. I got extremely relaxed from this. I did the Past life segment next, and after that I was able to see why my wife fears my anger so much when I am angry. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to see the emotion anger as something different from being hurtful to people. I think I can deal with my anger now without being hurtful. Thank you.

  3. Just read a little on your HDI theory. Sounds interesting. I always have had an inkling that the soul would be in a superposition (as defined in quantum physics) to the position of it’s lives.

  4. Typical day:

    I woke up in a bedroom with the sun filling the room. I was hungover and alone. I had dark brown hair and very pale skin. Was skinny but muscular. I lived in a residential neighborhood in a large city with rolling hills. Probably somewhere on the west coast of Canada or the US.

    Important Event:
    I was standing in a courtroom up in front of a judge receiving a sentence of death by electrocution. Two large guards or policemen stood beside me.

    My Death:
    I was lead into a dark room with only one light bulb and placed in the electrocution chair. I didn’t struggle as they applied the restraints. In front of me was a glass partition. Behind the partition was about a dozen people in theater style seating watching my execution. One woman on the very right front row was crying. The rest were men, some who had no expression, others clearly hated me and were very angry and eagerly awaiting the event. The electricity burn me from the inside out with searing pain. After about 10 seconds I died and felt very peaceful.

  5. Just tried the breathing track followed by past life track for the first time. I did not experience any memories and was able to focus on my breathing the whole time, less a few thoughts that came up. Then near the end at the death part, I felt intense vibration throughout my body as well as intense sound, like electricity for a minute or so. It was quite scary but I stayed with it. After Wayne’s voice came back the sound a vibration disappeared and I was left with a feeling of heat in my lower back. I had to check the recording twice because I assumed the sound I heard was on the track, however all I heard was silence. Quite the experience. Can’t wait to do it again and see what happens.

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