Seeing Clearly

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Seeing Clearly–a beautiful and poetic view of the world seen through the eyes of a modern Taoist–is the first book in which I  attempted to express the inexpressible. Written in just two short weeks while camped in an isolated cabin high in the Smokey Mountains–Seeing Clearly is a wonderful example of the qualities of Oneness that most spiritual seekers crave.

Seeing Clearly is now available for the first time as a downloadable ebook with 17 beautiful, full-color photographs.


I first wrote Seeing Clearly in June of 1997 while spending a two week, solitary retreat at my parent’s cabin in the Tennessee Smokey Mountains. Though it has been 12 years since I wrote the words that follow, I’m surprised that I still agree with that younger, somewhat idealist version of myself. Happily, I still experience the sense of serenity reading Seeing Clearly as when I first wrote it.

I never found a publisher for Seeing Clearly. Back in 1997 I sent the manuscript to about thirty publishing houses, and though most rejected it outright with a standard form letter, three or four publishers replied with personal notes. The overall gist was that they “loved” Seeing Clearly, but being a first time author and without a doctorate in psychology, they simply couldn’t take the financial risk involved with publishing it.

With the Internet just coming into being, ebooks nothing more than an idea, and self-publishing far too expensive for me to consider, I put the manuscript on a shelf, dropped my fantasies of becoming a world renown author and went back to developing software for corporate America.

Today, with three other books under my belt—Fading Toward Enlightenment, The Implications of the Soul, and A Simple Explanation for Everything—I felt now was time to take Seeing Clearly off the shelf and present her to a world far different than the one she was conceived in, though a world in which her message is just as applicable—if not more so.

What follows is the original work, with only minor modifications in editing. The layout, design and photographs are new, but the writing, the topics and most importantly, the feel of Seeing Clearly remain as it was originally written during those magical two weeks back in 1997.

Wayne Wirs
August 14, 2009


Seeing clearly.
Seeing the world as it is.
Seeing without judgment.

Schools teach us to see through the eyes of society.
Religions, through the eyes of the holy.
Family, through the eyes of our parents.
These are necessary to function in the world.
But they don’t give us a solid foundation.
A foundation built upon our own introspection.

To see clearly often means we have to forget.
Forget our past assumptions,
Our prejudices,
Our self–centeredness.
It requires us to look deep,
To open our mind,
To let go.

To see clearly brings contentment and mental harmony.
It frees us of inner conflict and doubt.
It brings with it a foundation that is solid and rooted in truths that run deep.

To see clearly brings us wisdom.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Seeing Clearly
  • Words
  • Balance
  • Attachment
  • Desire
  • Fear
  • Contentment
  • Judgment
  • Selflessness
  • Empathy
  • Virtue
  • Choices
  • Truth
  • Death
  • Simple Truths
  • Afterword

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