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I am currently working with only one student. This is by choice as I am working on other projects at the moment.


I am not taking on any new students at this time—BUT if you wish to be notified when I do, simply subscribe to this blog as I will be announcing when I take on new students here.

All new students will be required to be familiar with the materials in The Soul Level (under Resources in the sidebar to the right) as well as keep a digital journal (plain text document (.txt)) of their Soul practice (see Mystical Oneness: Adapting to the Soul Level under the By Wayne (Wirs) heading of The Soul Level resources section).

Since I will choose students who are currently keeping this journal (I will want to see a copy), it is in your best interests to get started journalling as soon as possible.

Please be sure to make this a plain text file (ie: JohnDoeSoulJournal.txt) on your computer as I will require you to email this file to me.

Format for the journal entries should include the following information:

  • DATE


Got mad at Jane because she took credit for MY WORK with the boss.
Should have seen this from a higher perspective (grand scheme of things makes it minor) or from a karma level (was it meant as a message for me or her?) and not taken it so seriously.


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3 thoughts on “Student Information

  1. I like your approach of the soul level very much. I can feel already the difference, beeing familiar with such a concept through A Course In Miracles and other teaching but was not able to apply it in such a way into my life.
    Thank you so far, Peter.

  2. Whenever you do accept students again I would like to formally be your student. I’ve been following you since you first announced your first book. So far it has cost my job and my marriage and has led to the most fulfilling peace I’ve ever felt in my life. Thank you.

    • Interesting way of putting it Stan. 🙂

      When I do take on new students, I’ll announce it here on the blog, so be sure to subscribe to it via the box at the upper right.

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