Out with the New. In with the Old.


Sold my NEW motorcycle yesterday after only 12 hours on Craigslist. Bought this OLD ’97 Jeep the same day. A beater: torn top, rusty undercarriage, almost 100k miles – but it’s fun to drive and feels right. I used to own a Jeep, same year even, but it was new and that takes all the fun out of owning a Jeep. I like this one better. Now I have to throw some more $$$$ into making her tow-worthy – but it’ll be worth it.

PS: Good luck Mr. Obama. It’s not about the economy, or health care, or taxes – these are all just natural and temporary cycles. Think about your old friends: I once decked my buddy Doug because of some girl whom I hardly remember, but what was far more important was our friendship. I helped him up, wished him well with her and we got back to drinking. I have no clue where she is now, but Doug’s still my best buddy.

What’s important in American politics is not the temporary issues, it is the way we get along with the rest of the world – with our friends.

Fear of Failure


So far in my travels, I’ve only met retirees living a full-time roadie life. They look at me kind of like you look at someone high up on a tight rope – with a bit of awe and a feeling that this guy has got to be crazy to do something like that. Knowing that after you die you come back, definitely takes away the fear of failure. I couldn’t live the life I’m living if I was concerned about the possible outcomes.

Last Night’s Past Life


I awoke around 2 am last night and couldn’t get back to sleep. Among many of the things on my mind, is that I want to refine the technique I use to recall past lives. So, rather than fret about all the plates I have in the air, I went ahead and practiced – what should I call it – Soul Breathing? – whatever. Within ten minutes I found myself in London, circa the early 1600’s…

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Finished First Draft


I finished the first draft of The Implications of the Soul today. Now comes the refining, re-writing, balancing, etc. In the mean time, here are some more shots around Portland, ME…

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Bar Harbor, Maine


After getting the repairs done to the RV, which stops ALOT better now, I headed down to a campground near Acadia National Park. Internet access is spotty and slow, but it is beautiful here, and – unlike yesterday – it is supposed to be sunny for the rest of the week. So I think I’ll stay a little while.

Some quicky photos of the tourist town of Bar Harbor…

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The Implications of the Soul – My Story


(Excerpt from an upcoming book my free ebook The Implications of the Soul.)

My Story

My life started much like most. I grew up, went to school, joined the military. One day, I had a realization that life wasn’t all I was told it was. I started questioning authority, questioning everything I had been told and taught. I started practicing mediation and soon started catching glimpses of pure consciousness. I started seeking enlightenment in earnest and continued on this path for many years. I document this growth and the realizations that I experienced in detail in my photo-essay, Fading Toward Enlightenment (http://Fade2E.com).

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