Back on Mt. Hood


I’m back at my boondock spot on Mt. Hood (Oregon). I’m here for a couple of reasons: There’s a fellow nomad in the area whom I want to meet and check out his rig; I want some isolation to ebook-tize my other books; and I want to figure out my next steps without distractions.

Though it’s been less than a month since I was here before, a couple changes are apparent: It’s quite a bit colder; all the flowers in this shot are gone; and there are a lot more birds about. Funny how quickly a tiny clearing changes.

Second Draft

Mt. Hood, OR

I’ve finished the second draft of, tentatively titled, A Simple Explanation for Everything. Since the first draft, I’ve probably added about five or six new chapters with an additional 25% to the word count.

HDI theory, this “simple explanation for everything,” eloquently explains some of the greatest mysteries in modern science: the Big Bang, Dark Matter, Quantum Entanglement, etc. But I debated back and forth on whether I should include a section on how HDI theory also explains the mystical: the Human Soul, Reincarnation, Spirit, etc..

Basically, I had to figure out who my target audience was.

The smart choice would have been to break it up into two books, one for the scientific type, and one for the spiritual type.

I, being the stupid type, have opted to target both – unifying the physical with the mystical.

This is a terrible marketing move, but, as I’ve said, I’m the stupid type and really don’t care.

The Grotto

Chapel in the Grotto

I had never been to The Grotto before – never even heard of it before yesterday. As it turned out, it is place of retreat for friars and nuns of the Servite Order within the Catholic Church. Very peaceful place. I wasn’t struck dead by lightning or anything, which quite frankly kind of surprised me.

Seriously though, if you’re in the area, stop by. It’s a very peaceful place for reflection.

First Draft Done

Stairs in the Woods

I’ve finished the first draft of the book I mentioned a bit back. Need to expand on some topics, create some illustrations and maybe a video or two. Haven’t decided on a title yet, “HDI Theory: A simple explanation for everything from the Big Bang to the Human Soul” – something like that.

Probably moving on to Portland tomorrow.

Return to Lake Pleasant


I’ve been feeling the need to be near water. Since I had to move my rig to get my propane tank refilled, I used the opportunity to return to Lake Pleasant.

Below are a couple of nice emails I’ve received in the last few days. Used with permission…

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Blog Changes

Sunset in AZ

I’ve made a lot of changes to the blog. Please check it out and let me know if you see or have any problems with it.

I’ve spent yesterday and most of today upgrading WordPress (the blog software) playing with plugins, changing the layout, etc. Still want to add some new tabs across the top and re-write a few of the info pages yet. I know I’m speaking Comp-nerd-ian, but you get the point.

The blog should look like the image below the break…

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