The Cabot Trail by Bike


I rode the motorcycle about 200 miles today, riding the Cabot Trail Loop in northeastern Nova Scotia. I am so glad I took the bike. You can pull over to places that cars can’t – let alone an RV – and you really feel one with the mountains and cliffs and seashores while riding. I could spend a year photographing this area and I took a lot of shots today. But I’m beat, tired, sore and need to get these dried, splattered bugs off my skin – so I’ll update you tomorrow.

Out My Window & Thinking Too Much


Left Bethel this morning and am staying in the Paul Bunyan Campground outside Bangor, Maine for a few days. This is a shot outside my window. Most everyone is gone now that Labor Day weekend is practically over. Very, very pleasant.

I received an email from my brother the other day, and I wanted to copy my response for you – the lesson being: DON’T even try to get it right the first time. It’s a waste of effort and time…

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Wandering The Woods Awound Bethel, Maine.


It was cold and windy this morning (and apparently I’m a wimp) so I didn’t go kayaking. Instead I got some work done at the Mouse & Bean Internet Cafe then headed out into the woods of Bethel on my motorcycle.

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Testing the Versa-Haul


I took a bit of a risk buying a KLR-650 motorcycle, not knowing beforehand if the RV would be able to haul it. Almost everything I read online said it couldn’t be done.

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