The Gateless Gate

There Is No Gate

There Is No Gate

MT HOOD, ORMichelle is standing right in front of the Gateless Gate. All she has to do is step through. I can’t pull her through, nor can I sneak around behind her and push her through. Why? Because the Gate (separation) doesn’t exist. It’s all in your head. It’s built by the ego.

It’s called the gateless gate (an imaginary barrier that seems very real) because once you experience the me (the Gate) as just a mental construct, you “look back” and see it was all in your head. It’s not there anymore.

When you do step through, you lose the ability to say who or what you are. If you look at the last line of what I wrote yesterday, about my mom confusing me and TaoGodHer, you’ll notice that in the same sentence I do the same damn thing! And I do this all the time.

I don’t know who or what I am anymore and this doesn’t bother me in the least. In fact, I think this is a perfectly natural attitude for people who’ve stepped through the Gate. There is simply no Me-thing. There’s a Wayne-thing, a contraction that functions in the world, but that doesn’t feel like me anymore… it feels like other.

Here’s what I wrote Michelle yesterday to try to help encourage her to step through the Gateless Gate. If you’re close to the Gate, if you too are on the edge of the Void, then I hope this helps:

This is very, very, let me say it one more time, very important:

If you can see it, then it isn’t You.

If you can see or experience it, then it isn’t the Real You.

Right? There have to be TWO things there, You and that which you see or experience.

Tolle said on his realization (me quoting from memory), “I realized I hated myself. Then I realized who is hating who? Are there two of me? Which one is the real me?”

See my video Mystical vs Non-Mystical Enlightenment around the 1:20 mark, as my fingers, representing my boundaries, snap and disappear.

Don’t get hung up on what you ARE, but focus on what you are not.

Don’t try to define what you are, you can’t. I can’t tell you what I am—I do know I’m not made of “ORs” (this thing or that thing), but “ANDs.” (You are in control of yourself, AND you’re not in control of yourself.)

You’re right there on the edge. The Gateless Gate is right in front of you.

Are you your thoughts? Are you your experiences? Are you your memories? Are you your emotions?

Or are you that which experiences these things?

Don’t just think on this. Feel it. Go into Radiance, pull away and drop anything that is “not You”… anything that you can see and experience.

PS: I apologize to anyone to whom I didn’t post a testimonial from. Though I read every comment and email, I often forget to save compliments to my Testimonials folder (which is where I assembled the page from)—must be that discomfort-with-compliments thing I mentioned. I’ll try to do better from now on as I plan on updating that page on a monthly basis (much like I update the Favorite Photos page every month).

The Other Side Of Emptiness

Looking Up Into The Leaves And The Light

Looking Up Into The Leaves And The Light

NEWPORT, OR—Though she hasn’t been “hit” yet with the Realization (“OMG, I’m just a bunch of thoughts!”), Michelle is definitely “tasting” Emptiness and is already running into the problem of “bringing it into everyday life.” This brings her to the point of how I largely function on a day-to-day basis: Radiance post Emptiness/enlightenment. I don’t have a word for this Radiance-after-Emptiness state, but its key difference from “practice” Radiance is that you no longer identify with the portal (think of yourself as the portal), but see it as a natural contraction needed to bring Emptiness into the world.

From our dialog:


More quiet time home thanks to a hurt wrist and personal time from work and I’m able to feel emptiness beneath the me thought cluster. The cluster I call me does have weight and form and familiarity, but it’s still a shadow. Just a heavier one. If I could bring that awareness into my everyday life… That would be amazing.


I’m not convinced that Emptiness can be brought into everyday life.

But, the integration of the levels definitely can. My point is to question the assumption: that Emptiness can be brought into everyday life. Can it? I don’t know of anyone who has done it. I’ve seen a lot of teachers on stage, or giving satsangs, but that isn’t everyday life.

Anyway, keep focusing on Emptiness, but now bring Radiance into play also. Feel the Love and Light arise and shine forth from the Emptiness. I don’t have a name for Radiance-after-Emptiness, but the difference from “regular” Radiance is that the portal/shell now feels like a contraction that is a part of the experience, but no longer you.

Pre-Emptiness, the portal/shell felt like Michelle, now, see if it doesn’t feel more like a bridge or opening that allows the Love/Light into the world… to shine the Love outward and provide it to others.

Try to start seeing the self-contraction as a bridge between the world of Man and the world of the Divine. Let me know how it goes.