Heading North Again


The entire family got together yesterday at my folks place in Palm Bay, FL – a belated Thanksgiving. It was great to see everyone again. I’m already starting to receive some “Thank-You” donations for the Past Life Recall download I released the other day. The little “ding’s” from Paypal sending a notification to my inbox feels like the ringing of a bell when an angel gets their wings from “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It’s a nice reminder that people are really getting something out of my work.

Staying in Savannah, GA tonight. Will take some photos tomorrow morning and get them posted ASAP.

Past Life Recall Download Released


The final, and free, version of the Past Life Recall Download is now online. You can find it here. I’m taking a down day in Ormond Beach, FL after two long days of driving before heading down to see the folks in Palm Bay tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

Beta Testing Closed


I now have 15 volunteer beta testers, so I’m won’t need anymore for the moment. Of you 15, I will need your feedback once you’ve had the chance to listen to the recording a few times. Thanks!

Here are my notes from last night’s session of listening to the beta of the Past Life Recall Guided Meditation (I really need a better name)…

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Beta Testers Wanted


I’m looking for some beta testers to try out my new Past Life Recall Guided Meditation audio file.

All I ask is that you commit to listening to the recording (11 minutes) for at least three times over the next three days and give me your feedback.

Interested? Then contact me and I’ll send you a link to the download page. Edit: The final version can be found here.

Last Night’s Past Life


I awoke around 2 am last night and couldn’t get back to sleep. Among many of the things on my mind, is that I want to refine the technique I use to recall past lives. So, rather than fret about all the plates I have in the air, I went ahead and practiced – what should I call it – Soul Breathing? – whatever. Within ten minutes I found myself in London, circa the early 1600’s…

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“Be the Soul”


Pretty much worked all day – on the consulting project and The Implications of the Soul (I did sneak out to shoot a couple photos). But while I was working, as I’d observe people peering over at me, wondering who I was and what I was doing, I’d notice how my mind would jump into judgement mode…

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Meditating on Eternity


I was watching a little Ben Hur in the evening, and, upon viewing the scene where Christ gives, under the threat of death, the enslaved Charlton Heston, a drink of water, I thought, “What if we all could live like that, without any fear of dying, living without fear of oppression, social norms or peer pressure?” I went down to the river behind the RV and meditated on that awhile.

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Wandering The Woods Awound Bethel, Maine.


It was cold and windy this morning (and apparently I’m a wimp) so I didn’t go kayaking. Instead I got some work done at the Mouse & Bean Internet Cafe then headed out into the woods of Bethel on my motorcycle.

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Andersonville, Doug, and Past Lives


Yesterday on my way up to see my high school buddy Doug, he mentioned that I should stop in Andersonville – the Civil War prison camp – where one Captain Henry Wirz was tried and hanged for war crimes. I was curious to see if he was a relative.

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