NOT Moving On – Pilgrim

Cloud Covered Catalina Mountains, AZ

It rained most of yesterday, last night and this morning. Since the campsite I had picked out on the BLM land is only accessible by dirt roads, I was concerned about getting the RV stuck in mud. So I smooth-talked my way into staying here (Catalina State Park) for another week.

I’m working on giving this blog a facelift – to make it more focused, useful, search engine friendly, and possibly profitable (via ads). Hopefully you’ll see some changes in a day or two.

I should have thought of this before…


Yesterday, I bought a long thin piece of metal from Home Depot and attached it with zip ties to my TV antenna. I then mounted my Sprint Air card on the end and attached a couple USB cables. I then covered the card with a plastic test-tube-like container to weather proof it. Now my Air card sits 18 feet in the air.

My Internet connection went from 1 weak bar to a strong 4 bars.

Juarez, Mexico


I arrived in El Paso, TX yesterday evening. Paid for a week so I could have some time to explore the area. This morning, I walked into Juarez, Mexico (and “no,” Mom, I didn’t see a single drug cartel or gang member). Very nice people. Strolled down to the local outdoor market to get a feel for the flavor of Mexico. Very cool. I only wish I was eating as I love mexican food. Oh well. The above shot is of the Guadalupe Mission.

For more on the juice fast, see my notes after the break…

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Lots of Little Fixes


The boondocking in the desert has revealed a couple little problems with the RV, so I’ve spent the last few days doing maintenance and upgrades. I’ve also run out of fresh water in my holding tanks so it looks like I may be moving on tomorrow.

I’ve fixed two water leaks, swapped out my old house battery which wasn’t holding a charge any longer and added a new stand-alone house battery, inverter and battery charger to give me a bit more time without having to use the generator so often.

All of these problems weren’t apparent until I was operating in self-contained mode, so it was a good experience.

The Mysterious Box


Just above my campsite, in the middle of the high mountain desert, is this mysterious box. Yesterday, as I was hiking back down the hill from my morning meditation, I saw a man poking around inside it…

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Boondocking up in the Hills


Day 2 of the fast. Hunger comes and goes. Much easier than the water fast. I’ve moved camp to up in the hills outside of Carlsbad, NM. The “Location” link shows my exact spot (click the title above). Wide open spaces, privacy, and free. I haven’t seen that in years.

Searching and Synchronicity


I drove to the local BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to pick up some maps of the area. I’ve decided to do some boondocking and wanted to know where I could stay. They are closed Saturdays, but as luck would have it, a ranger pulled into the lot just as I was about to leave…

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