Holosync – Like a High Colonic for your Brain

centerpointe.jpg Prior to my enlightenment, I had been using Centerpointe’s Holosync meditation CDs for around 9 years and I can’t say enough about how powerful they are. They literally “cleanse” your brain–clearing out old assumptions, repressed memories and negative conditioning…

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My Focus


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve been waiting for my focus to clarify. What I want, need and feel I’m supposed to be doing. I set my mental alarm clock last night for 6 am, and at 6:01 this morning, my focus became clear…

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“It’s Not How Long You Live, Rather How Well You Live” – Professor Randy Pausch


The quote above was made by the late professor Randy Pausch during his “Last Lecture” at Carnegie Mellon University after having been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Sadly, some people reading this will not live to see 2010. It’s just a fact of life. Could be you – could be me. In the Buddhist tradition, I contemplate my own death at least once a week. Probably won’t hurt you to consider this once a year or so…

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Carlsbad Caverns


Caverns have got to be one of the hardest places to get a good photo, especially when you have tourists kicking your tripod as they pass by. Not their fault though, caverns are one of the darkest places too. Funny how I don’t consider myself a tourist – what’s with that?

Day One of my juice fast. Hungry. I’ve never done a juice fast before, only water fasts. Curious to see if the hunger goes away after the third day (as it does with a water fast).

The West

I’ve been getting a lot of flak lately that I’m not posting enough. One of my self imposed rules, was that I’d post a photo for each entry, but that has been restricting me from posting when I had something important (yeah right) to say.

So I’m going to start breaking that rule right now. No photo today.

Over the last two days, I’ve driven over 1200 miles. Last night, I camped out overnight in a Flying J parking lot on the border of Louisiana and Texas. Today, I drove clear across Texas and am now camped in an RV park in Carlsbad, NM.

I’m tired. I’m stinky and I have no clue what time it really is. But the West is where I’m supposed to be. Feels right. The light, the wide open places, the long empty roads.

I’m starting a juice fast come Sunday. Most of my adult life, I’ve been deeply spiritual but mostly from a mental / philosophical / meditative level. Part of this long jaunt across the country is to start living it physically too. I’ve been eating about 50 grams of fiber a day the last couple of days (Oroweat Double fiber bread – just add butter) to help clean out the pipes in preparation.

Tomorrow, I’m going to scout the area to try to find a place that is conducive to what I’m trying to do. Something about deserts inspires transformation.

Beta Testing Closed


I now have 15 volunteer beta testers, so I’m won’t need anymore for the moment. Of you 15, I will need your feedback once you’ve had the chance to listen to the recording a few times. Thanks!

Here are my notes from last night’s session of listening to the beta of the Past Life Recall Guided Meditation (I really need a better name)…

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Fear of Failure


So far in my travels, I’ve only met retirees living a full-time roadie life. They look at me kind of like you look at someone high up on a tight rope – with a bit of awe and a feeling that this guy has got to be crazy to do something like that. Knowing that after you die you come back, definitely takes away the fear of failure. I couldn’t live the life I’m living if I was concerned about the possible outcomes.

“Be the Soul”


Pretty much worked all day – on the consulting project and The Implications of the Soul (I did sneak out to shoot a couple photos). But while I was working, as I’d observe people peering over at me, wondering who I was and what I was doing, I’d notice how my mind would jump into judgement mode…

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Meditating on Eternity


I was watching a little Ben Hur in the evening, and, upon viewing the scene where Christ gives, under the threat of death, the enslaved Charlton Heston, a drink of water, I thought, “What if we all could live like that, without any fear of dying, living without fear of oppression, social norms or peer pressure?” I went down to the river behind the RV and meditated on that awhile.

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