The Lesson

Turning Leaves

CABALLO LAKE SP, NM—I’ve received a lot of emails since getting stuck in the sand the other day, asking if there was some meaningful connection—a connection to my life, to the trials of the millions affected by Hurricane Sandy (see “Transpersonal Emotions”), or to the good-ol’ “Mercury in retrograde” astrological omen.

My answer below the break (huh?).

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A Lesson in Surrender

Windows at Dusk.jpg

SANDIA CASINO, ALBUQUERQUE, NM—The day before yesterday, I tried to win at the casino. In less than two minutes, I lost $300 on a high-stakes slot machine.

An important point: I was trying to win. More below the break (huh?).

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The Still Man Returns

Rocks on Rocks on Rocks

HERON LAKE SP, NM—Yesterday, as Randy was opening the email of my blog post The Still Man, who should unexpectedly appear at his door?

Come on…, you’ve been following this blog long enough. You know how things work around here. You know exactly who mysteriously showed up, uninvited and unannounced: the Still Man.

No one called him. No one told him about the article. He doesn’t even have a functioning computer. He just stopped by at the exact moment that Randy was reading about him.

He mysteriously stopped by at that perfect moment, and because of this, he was able to read my blog post (to which—of course—he didn’t react one way or the other).

And something I neglected to relate previously: The reason Randy originally mentioned the Still Man to me was because earlier that day Randy had been on the phone with a friend who had mentioned the Still Man, and at that moment, the Still Man unexpectedly showed up just to say “Hi” and to let him know that he was camped just up the road.

These incidents help support my theory (perhaps you’ve heard it before):

The less there is of you (the Still Man in this case), the more there is of Her.

And when there is less of you, then you are guided by Her.

Synchronicity is evidence. Evidence that there is something intelligent (I call it Her) working behind the scenes—not always dramatically, but operating there nonetheless.

Following Her Breadcrumbs

Rocks in a Crystal Lake

IN SECLUSION, NM—Last night, She showed me this photo, which led me to research this man, which led me to the Tibetan yoga practice of Tummo. On that page, the following line struck me:

…the heat manifested from the friction of the wind element.

Synchronistically, the last two blog posts (written before the breadcrumbs), each had the word “smoke” in them—Smoke Signals, Non Smoking Campsite—and let’s not forget the synchronistic house fire.

…the heat manifested from the friction of the wind element. The Light moving through the portal (Radiance as I first described it as the Enlightenment of Passion). The friction of the wind element (the Light moving through) generates heat.

The patterns are too profound. She is telling me something. I think I know what it is, but I need to practice it more. I need to experiment. I need to feel it and not just think on it.

I need to go deeper.

I need to feed the fire.

Love is God

Flower and Bristles
The Religious: “God is Love.” (“I want to know Him, but He is separate from me.”)

The Radiant: “Love is God.” (“I feel Her. She moves through me.”)

“God is Love.”

“Love is God.”

Do you see the difference?

No one needs to teach you about God. No dogma is required. No reading, or research, or middle-men are necessary.

You have always known Her.

Anyone who has ever loved… knows the true nature of God.

PS: After writing this, I cracked open a fortune cookie: “When seeking the Light, ignore the reflections and go directly to the Source.”

The Two Secrets of “The Secret”

Odd Wall

As I mentioned in the previous post, for the past three months I have been experimenting with the Law of Attraction/The Secret/Wish Fulfillment.

Why? For a couple of reasons:

  1. I wanted to help my mother in her fight with cancer.
  2. I wanted further evidence that She/God exists.

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The Three Owls

Three Owls

I am writing this before I turn on my Internet, before I get inundated with the daily emails, before I lose the feel for what has happened. I’m going to do the absolute minimal of editing to get it out there. I don’t want it to lose the power behind it.

For the last three months, I have been experimenting with the Law of Attraction/the Secret/the Power of the Mind/Wish Fulfillment/….

I feel if it works for anyone, it should work for me—one who has so little to get in the way of the Universe (though I hate that term). I’ll go into more details in future posts, but this entry seems to be the conclusion to those experiments.

My mother has (had?) the same rare form of cancer as Steve Jobs had, a cancer so rare that there is no agreed upon course of treatment. After her surgery, after it had shifted and metastasized to her liver, she was prescribed a two-pill form of chemotherapy. One for brain cancer, one for colon cancer. She has neither, but there you go.

On Monday, my mother had a barium CAT scan done to see how the treatment was working.

On Tuesday, they did another CAT scan (non-barium this time) because “something was wrong” with the first CAT scan.

On Wednesday—yesterday—her doctor told my mother that the CAT scans revealed no sign of cancer, that the tumors—which were obvious on a CAT scan taken four months ago—were no longer visible. They took two scans because they were so surprised. They put her on three more months of the therapy (just because it isn’t visible doesn’t mean it isn’t still there), but all in all, it seems like a miracle and by the doctor’s surprise, it seems he’d agree.

This morning—12 hours after I heard the above news—I awoke to the sound of an owl. Sitting alone on a branch outside my camper, he hooted. I went outside and looked up at him, feeling that this was some sort of sign, some mysterious message, some arcane confirmation of the mysteries that lie behind all Form, some further confirmation that She exists, and is involved and cares.

A few minutes later, another owl flew over and sat on the branch next to him. A few minutes later, a third.

Never in my entire life have I seen even a single great horned owl.

Today I saw three.

I don’t know how else to explain this. I know I’ve said it on this blog a million times before, but at times like these, it really hits home. That these bizarre but wonderful events are just further proof that: the less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

Another Small Gathering

Stones In A River

CANTON, TX—A few days ago, before knowing for sure if I was heading to Florida, I had decided to take the truck for a long test drive to make sure everything worked as it should before getting a trailer, fifth wheel, or slide in camper. I was in Denver at the time and had thought I’d drive to Grand Junction, CO, but after reading this blog post, I decided to head to Santa Fe instead.

More below the break…

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An Unforseen Direction

Santa Fe Windows

SANTA FE, NM—I understand now why, after nearly three months of staying in hotel rooms, I wasn’t able to find either a place to live or an RV rig which felt right.

The other day I found out that my mother needs some additional work done on her bod. It’s not certain how badly it will affect her, nor how long it’ll take, nor how long I’ll be needed down there in FL yet (if at all), but there’s no sense in buying a rig until I’m certain she’s OK, and there’s no sense burning more money on hotel rooms waiting around.

In retrospect, it’s good I didn’t sign a yearly rental lease on an apartment, nor find a rig that would just need to be put in storage for an indefinite period. She (the Big She) really does work in mysterious ways.

So tomorrow I’ll throw my bags in the truck and start heading back once again to the hot and humid climes that go along with the summers in sweltering central Florida.

With a little luck, maybe I’ll find some nice, secluded lakes along the way (there doesn’t seem to be a reason to hurry) and get some camping in. It’s always cooler by the water and I might as well get some use out of that nice topper (think built-in tent) that came with the truck.

The Taos Incident

Windmill on the Plains

BLOOMFIELD, NM—One of the dangers of an online diary/blog, is that when you say something outlandish like, “which confirmed my theory that She wanted me to check out Taos” (Synchronicity #2 on April 6th’s post) and you are implying that something very much like what most people would call God is talking directly to you, well, you just leave yourself wide open for humiliation, failure and online ridicule. Fortunately I could care less about those things.

Here’s what did and didn’t happen in Taos earlier today (below the break) (huh?).

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