Seven Synchronicities

Two Park Benches

LAKE GUNTERSVILLE SP, AL—Practically every day, whenever I’m in public, I’ll catch people doing a double-take at me. It usually goes something like this: Recognition then Confusion then Curiosity then the Leaning In then the Parting of the Mouth (as if they are going to say something) then the Change of Mind then a Pulling Away and finally four or five sidelong glances. It’s really kind of funny.

After yesterday’s synchronistic events (below), I should probably start encouraging them to talk.

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Evidence of God (Her)

Bird Print

I’ve said before that synchronicity implies God/Her/An Intelligent Universe. A powerful example of “being guided” below the break (huh?).

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More Synchronicity (The Mystic’s Divine Intervention)

Fall in Florida

PALM BAY, FL–Early yesterday morning, in my inbox, I find a long, complex email from my client, sent the night before. In it, he went over all the extra features and functionality that he wants implemented into the project we’re working on so that it is ready for an upcoming demo.

Huge changes. Complex changes. Changes that require a lot of thought and time. Changes I didn’t feel I had the time or energy to make. More below the break (huh?).
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The Implications of Synchronicity

Light on the Blinds

PALM BAY, FL–Lately, I have been thinking about the implications of the many synchronic events that have happened in my life (recent examples).

In The Implications of the Soul (free download), I point out that reincarnation implies that we never need to fear death again. Past life memories imply that we come back (reincarnate) pretty much as we are now–different bodies and cultures, but basically the same “person.”

But what are the implications of synchronicity?

What I have found, is that a close look at synchronicity can change your life… Really.

More below the break (huh?).

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More of the Same

Fall in the Rockies

DURANGO, CO–I specifically rented a car–rather than buying one–for the reliability. I said to myself, “I’m done with all this drama.” So when the car broke down this afternoon (Wednesday) 40 miles north of Durango on a lone mountain pass (out of cell phone range of course), I just had to smile.

I didn’t experience an ounce of fear or trepidation. I knew She was messing with me for a reason and within seconds–seriously, seconds–of opening the hood of the car, a wonderful woman stops and asks if I’m having trouble. Her cell phone worked and she called Hertz for me. The woman, Louise, was into meditation and Buddhism, so I gave her a copy of Fading Toward Enlightenment out of gratitude.

After I got down from the mountain–an hour and a half later–I called Louise back (she had checked in repeatedly with Hertz to make sure I got down from the mountain safely), and it turns out that she is in the middle of a dietary cleansing, a six month spiritual intensive, and is writing a book, so, she said, meeting me and reading my book was very synchronistic for her.

It’s all practice. More and more, as things go “wrong,” I find myself smiling and just waiting for Her to get me out the the mess that I find myself in. Maybe She’s just screwing with me so that I learn to have absolute faith in Her/The Universe. Maybe She’s reconditioning my mind and emotions to “let Her drive.” Maybe I was “called” to Durango (see my last post) because something in FTE or our conversation will help Louise on her own spiritual journey.

Regardless of the reasons, with all these “Job-like” events in my life lately (Randy’s words), how could anyone doubt that there is something much “bigger” running things? Seriously, if you’ve followed my blog for the last few months, how could anyone doubt that there is a much greater intelligence operating in our lives? (See posts under Synchronicity and Adapting To ).

The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.


Fallen Flowers

Yesterday, I was talking about how, without the ego barrier separating “you” from Her, there is a profound, yet inscrutable “communication” between the two poles (of You-that-was-on-the-inside and Her-that-was-on-the-outside).

As I was finishing up yesterday’s blog, there was a knock on my door.

Long story short, the local Oregon Food Bank sent over a driver, and he brought along his mechanic friend to check out my truck for donation, simply because the donation sounded, in their words, “too good to be true.” In poking around at it, they got it to run (a bad battery cable connection). Because it was just an inspection, they didn’t have the donation paperwork, so they said they’d take care of it tomorrow.

Suddenly I had a working truck that didn’t cost anything to fix and would be perfect for getting me and my stuff back to Florida.

What would you have done? What I did is below the break (huh?).

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Listening To Her

The Chipmunk and the Bird House

EUGENE, OR–As I’ve mentioned often, making personal decisions has become surprisingly difficult for me since awakening. I don’t have problems solving problems (software design, trouble-shooting, etc.), but, because there is no “me” left (as weird as that sounds), there seems to be no basis for making decisions about my life or direction–nothing to rest the decision on.

Recently though, I think I’ve found a solution: Listen for Her/Us/TheUniverse to “tell” me. I’m not talking about psychosis or schizophrenia, but listening to powerful intuition, emotional feedback, and synchronicity. More below the break  (huh?).

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The Less there is of Me, the More there is of Her

Return of the Frog Master

MT. HOOD, OR–“The less there is of me, the more there is of Her.” I’ve said this many times over the years, but now it has become almost everyday life. Synchronistic events happen to me constantly: multiple times a day, everyday.

Take today for example… More below the break (huh?).

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Full Circle

Native American Fishing Platform

JOHN DAY DAM, WA–Yesterday, on the phone with Jim, I was telling him how I wasn’t sure if the truck is for me. He said I should just find a cabin on a lake and rent it for a few months. That resonated with me.

This morning, as I was looking at the stats of this website, I saw that someone had found my site by searching for the words, “for i have found the teacher of truth.” Curious, I plugged it into google (click the link above) and my website came up as the only hit. I clicked the link, since I was pretty sure I never wrote those words, and it turned out to be a comment from our own Ms. Q from South Africa, a long-time reader of this blog.

More surprising was the date, exactly one year ago today (September 1). More surprising still, was the content of the post where I was announcing for the first time what was happening to me after my personal self had dropped.

It’s taken awhile, but I’ve learned to listen to Her. I closed my laptop and drove down to my “cabin on a lake.” Seems like the perfect time and place to help dig out this little pebble of mine.

More Mysterious Luck (Good and Bad)

The Dark and the Light

NEWPORT NEWS, VA–As I was sitting at a light yesterday, a guy jumps out of his car, runs over to me and says, “Hey, you’re truck’s spraying diesel from your engine!” (Bad Luck).

Sure enough, there was this huge hole in my engine shooting diesel fuel all over the place.

Actually, it was just a little hole where a bolt fell out, but in the middle of traffic with a heat index of 120, your mind pictures all these worst case scenarios and holes where they shouldn’t be just look bigger.

More below the break. (What does “below the break” mean?)
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