The Spider

Blurry Leaf


I sit on my step. The sun warms my skin and Jimmy Buffet plays on the stereo.

A spider crawls across the rocky ground in search of an unsuspecting insect.

An osprey soars over the lake looking for a fish.

A snowy white egret stands in the shallows peering into the clear, still water.

I crack open a beer and think what a sad and horrible world this must be for those who believe that these beautiful creatures end the lives of their prey.

While there is no evidence that life ends at physical death and ample evidence that it continues onward, many people refuse to examine the facts and suffer needlessly this cynical and nihilistic worldview.

She lives.

She lives through the spider and the insect he feasts upon. She lives through the osprey and the fish he seeks; through the heron and the minnows in the shallows.

She writes these words and She, at this very moment, is reading them.

There is no death.

She is, She was, and She will always be.

She shifts Her perspective and She changes Her form…

But She never dies.

The spider skirts over a rock—searching, searching.

I sip my beer, release the self-contraction, and merge and disappear into Her essence.

The sun warms the flesh, the osprey soars into the sky, and the spider—ignorant of all these thoughts—continues his search.

Feeling Fine


Coyote Creek SP, NM—Last night I placed a Call for Early Adopters for The Carefree Diet and have started sending out advanced copies.

I’m down 25 pounds, two pant sizes, and feeling much more energetic. Even though I’ve had to do all the testing myself, make all the mistakes, and deal with all the setbacks which come with self-experimentation, the weight has pretty much fallen off on its own. I find this very cool, very “Taoistic“.

I’ve set the publication date for July 1, intentionally pushing myself to light a fire under my lazy butt. There is still a lot of work to be done (online tools, resources, affiliate programs, etc.), but getting the “beta” version of the book out was a huge step and it feels great to be on the other side of the hill.

Cloudy, Creative Days

Water Spigot

Sumner Lake SP, NM—I had every intention of breaking camp today—I’ve been here nearly four weeks—but the winds picked up and the clouds moved in and cloudy days tend to awaken my Muse.

So I stayed.

To live as a Soul is to live carefree.

When you live as a Soul, you don’t take problems too seriously. You don’t take people too seriously. Hell, you don’t even take your own thoughts (let alone plans) too seriously.

To live as a Soul is to live in harmony with the Tao (Her by any other name).

I had planned to move camp today, but She said, “Stay.”

So I stayed…

and ideas flowed.


Bird in a High Tree

Sumner Lake SP, NM—When I hear the birds sing in the morning, when I gaze out at the juniper trees and cacti living so peacefully in the desert, when I see the flowers all having turned toward the sun, I sometimes think, “What is this thing called Life?”

From a rational point of view, life makes no sense. Shouldn’t everything just be a bunch of sand and rocks? Isn’t that where random events lead?

From a mystic’s point of view, Life—the will that lies behind each organism, that drives each organism—is a powerful reminder of the Divine.

The Whale and the Krill

Desert Shadows

OASIS SP, NM—Last night’s episode of Nature was about whales, and the last segment was about blue whales, the largest mammals on the planet.

Image: A huge blue whale arching downward, its tail rising high above the water as it dives deep into the ocean depths.

Image: A huge school of krill, tiny shrimp-like creatures, minding their own business, their red eyes looking outward into their watery world.

Image: The diving blue whale’s mouth opening and its gut expanding as it sucks in thousands of krill to their deaths.

One moment, She is looking out through the eyes of a tiny krill. The next moment, She is released from Her host as the krill’s body dies.

She is freed to take on a new life.

Bodies die—but Souls never do.

She is krill-consciousness.

She is whale-consciousness.

She is tree-consciousness.

She is you-consciousness.

She is Soul-consciousness.

Yesterday, I saw a bird, sitting on a fence post, chirping cheerfully to the vast blue sky. As I turned, I caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror.

I was smiling.

And I suddenly realized my heart was filled with joy.

How To See The Light

Tree Branches in the Sky

GAINESVILLE, FL–Whenever I take a photo, I try to capture Her (the Light).

How can you see the Light? The easiest way is to look closely at Nature. Focus your attention on Her curves, Her movements, Her swaying and whispers. If if sounds like I’m describing a woman then you’ll understand why I call God, “Her.”

Do this enough and you’ll soon see Her everywhere.

Do this enough and you’ll never feel alone again.

More On Writing Mystically

Tire on a Dock on a Lake

PALM BAY, FL–I’ll probably be releasing the first installment of The Benefits of Mystical Oneness (TBOMO) tomorrow. Some surprises I’ve encountered during this project below the break (huh?).

Read more…