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I really suck at taking praise, so to each of you… a deep and heartfelt thank-you. I love you. What follows are snippets of unsolicited emails or blog comments (newest to oldest).

Mystical Oneness is an invigorating read. Like many of us I’ve read almost every book/author I could find on the subject. Some have given me energy and some haven’t. Your book has been sailing by so fast that I’ve had to re-read many sections. — Steve B

I just wanted to thank you so much for your very valuable concept of uniting the personal and impersonal. I am finding this so helpful in stabilizing the witness consciousness that has been with me off and on (mostly off) for some years now. — Jack G

The Divine is a lot closer than I thought. — Vivek

I love this book (“Mystical Oneness”). Buy it. I love this book, and I love Wayne Wirs, because he lived the experiences that gave birth to its pages and then shared them. — Holman M

“Let Her out.” Just this one idea alone has made a huge difference for me.  — Cynthia L

You’ve brought all of that together in one place, and then some. — Gary C

I just want to thank you for the book “Mystical Oneness”. To me, you are a cure and my favorite doctor as well as a real spiritual guide. — Richard

In over 50 years of my own spiritual journey, I have never come across anything like this. I actually saw someone pull himself up by his own bootstraps and sail through to enlightenment. That was exactly what I had been looking for; someone to explain what he did, why he did it, and what happened as a result – missteps and all, in explicit detail. This level of transparency is simply not available anywhere (and probably never has been, short of a personal guru-chela relationship). — RLC (Amazon Reviewer)

“Mystical Oneness” helps the reader discover, or enhance, their deepest core being, and come to grips with the Divine nature embedded in all of us. — Alex H (Amazon Reviewer)

This well-organized, down-to-earth book provides the quickest path to spiritual awakening, written from the perspective of Wayne’s personal journey to enlightenment and beyond. His intention was to distill his own experience into the most direct path possible, and to share that path in a way that anyone with a desire to live a happier, more satisfying life can follow. — Joseph J. Gabriel (Amazon Reviewer)

Ever cynical, I expected this e-book to be a compilation rehash of the material already on the Internet. Oh boy, was I wrong! “Mystical Oneness” is a finely crafted, subtly organized road map for serious spiritual seekers. — Wendy N (Amazon Reviewer)

You will discover that Wayne is not just another armchair mystic-philosopher; he clearly lives what he writes and writes what he lives. —  Amazon Reviewer

The book is as practical as it is lofty, carefully, but joyously leading the reader into more subtle aspects of being and consciousness. — Matt S (Amazon Reviewer)

This is the first time in [the] history of spiritual teachings, that a seeker and enlightened being has opened up his whole, regular life transparent[ly] in front of [us] all. — Siddhant (Amazon Reviewer)

The world would be a better place if there were more people like you in it. — Paul

Wayne….you still say it the best….so tired of all the theoretical “enlightened” ones I’ve read for the past 35 years. — Pat

These words have really made a dent in my mind and stuck there. I think of them all the time since I’ve read them and, I believe, they will lead me to question all of my decisions going forward for which I thank you. — Shelley

YOU HAVE FOUND THE KEY that everyone talks about, but no one defines (myself included). I am writing this where I can see it everyday until it becomes imbedded in my subconscious. — Joseph

I LOVE your common sense approach to all of this enlightenment business… plus the disdain for those cerebral types who have left me COLD… also LOVE your photography… BEAUTIFUL!!! — Pat

Wayne you have literary attained Christ consciousness! — Maddie

The world would be so much less without you. — Mihaela

You are a gift to all of us everyday, anything else is above and beyond. — Rachel

Every time I see your work, it’s a present from you to my eyes. — Carol

Then you wrote this and made it simple again. This is your gift as a teacher. Real teachers make the complex accessible. Then it’s possible. — Brenda

You gave me so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you! — Uwe

Wow. Maybe it’s just me but this and your last post take your teaching to a whole new level. The links that string together your experience in the three weeks after the Frog Master are particularly helpful. And the technique in this post sounds more practical than anything I have ever read. I am heading to the back yard to find a dandelion. I can’t wait to see the finished book. — Rob

Thank you so much for sharing all this; I don’t know of anyone else doing this sort of thing, online or otherwise. — John

This is one of those down to earth, easily understandable, ideas that I think distinguishes your approach from the airy fairy, woo woo people. As practical and clear as a parable. — Randy

LOVE this Wayne! You have a real talent for conveying the profound in words! — Wendy

Your insights have really struck a chord and have helped me accelerate and integrate recent experiences/realizations. thank you 🙂 — Pancho

This level of public transparency has probably never existed in the history of spiritual dialog, if for no other reason than the existence of you and the Internet. I cannot thank you enough. — Rob

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this.  I cannot wait to buy your book. — Steven

There is a big smile on my face right now. It made my day. Thank you for sharing all this, Wayne. — Paul

Your writings provide a rational, down-to-earth and a kind of “heart-oriented” perspective of what this whole thing is about. That really helps a lot. — Tomas

Nothing profound, clever or cute, just WOW! Your words/HER words stopped me in my tracks. — Kevin

I know that what you showed me about me-me-me will be an essential part of my understanding. It is strange that almost every master has said this and I have not been able to understand or integrate it. It took me some googling and a few emails with a enlightened guy (you) on the other side of the world to help me put the pieces together. I feel very fortunate to walk the same earth as you. — Mats

Brilliant! Clear! Usable technique.  The parable-like clarity of Jesus. I think illustrations like this speak to us all.  Way to go. — Randy

Your last few blogs have blessed me. The writing is very insightful and helpful and if this is an indicator of what your next book will be like, I’m sure it will become a modern ‘classic’ in this field.  — Pete

Love, love, love what you do. And laughs to boot.  Super cool. — Stephanie

I just love the way you are. Makes me breathe easier. — Deb

What is simple is rarely seen. What is seen is rarely understood. But your work is significant to many who are silent. — Rob

The simple explanation for everything book was incredible. Your HDI theory describes reality better than the copenhagen interpretation, and even bohm’s hidden variables theory. The hidden variable is the HD. You’ve proven reincarnation to me, and I’ll be forever grateful. — Nick

Your journey is quite inspiring to me. So much so that I have renewed my own. — Andy

Thanks for all you do for all of us. — Larry

Your divine calling and creativity via your writings and those gorgeous photos add dignity to us humans. — Margaret

(In references to a 1-on-1 session) Thanks for everything. It helps immensely when I can spend time with a spiritual straight shooter. I’m more interested in freedom then to have someone pad my fears and make it ok. — Bergin

Thank-you for your availability. Your gift to me is invaluable. — Monica A

Your blog directly shows the process required of anyone who wishes to arise in such awareness. That is what a skillful teacher (of any subject) does, not just parrot what others have said. — Rob

Your blog is a regular source of insights and wisdom that really helps.  I also greatly appreciate your courage in speaking from your heart and your direct experience, which is an inspiration. — Ben CJ

For what it is worth, my friend, I believe that what you are sharing is inestimably valuable and I am grateful. — Holman

Thank you for what you have contributed to humanity. Its needed now more than ever. — Al P

Oh, Wayne… the Burka post was jaw-droppingly fantastic. — Barb C

i feel so full, yet light.  like the perfect meal where you feel nourished and comfortable with breathing space and enough room for a perfect piece of dark chocolate. discovering your website this week, watching all of the videos in two days, perusing your writings, searching a phrase when in need, feeling that connection of knowingness, the nudge of gentle reminders…………..sheer joy.  thank you! — Elizabeth

Love you, Wayne!  Love all your posts.  Thanks for so generously sharing and teaching like this. — Tana

Wayne, you consistently blow my mind w/many of your posts. This one in particular is much needed for me currently. — Erik

For me you are kind of “Paul Brunton” or Indiana Jones of spirituality digging into Humankind to reveal the treasure : the essence of human being. — Richard

You certainly are a modern day St. Paul. — Frank

Wow, that is really a powerful revelation for me. That kind of clarity and communication from you is what makes this blog so precious. Thanks Wayne. — Rob

Thank you so much for being here, for guiding me, for everything. Seriously. I’m really so grateful. Because this whole realization and process is pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to me. The greatest gift I could possibly imagine. I’m just so grateful that you have been sticking with me throughout it all. I can’t completely express it in words. Thank you, thank you, thank you Wayne. — Michelle

Man, you have a gift with words. Each blog post is like a little chapter of a greater novel. — Goran

Wayne, thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I’ve been watching your videos throughout the day today and it’s the presence and messages like yours that help me relax and enjoy the journey I’m on. — Laura

Folks may scoff but you have a humble authentic style. As you Americans say… no bullshit. — Poppy

It’s like reading a fine spiritual classic. — Frank

Your writings are giving me power to keep on trying and don’t give it up! — Attila

Thanks again for all you do. You make my life better. — Bobbie

Your photos are amazing! If there ever was a non verbal pictoral representation of what awakening is – this IS IT! Thank you for sharing them 🙂 — Mark

Wayne very kindly took the time to reply to an email of mine a while back when I needed some guidance as I was at a low point in life. For that I am forever grateful. God bless you Wayne. — James

Thanks for doing the photos and writings. I like getting “email updates from Wayne”. — Michael in Oregon.

Re. Man on the Fence ~ why I donate. — Lee

…your writings and personal path findings, which of all spiritual offers on the Net, helped me best. — Glenn

I awoke today, thank you friend. 🙂 — Per

I was raised Blue Collar and whether you were or not you ARE Blue Collar. And that is why you will reach so many sovereigns that most of the Mystic Philosophers will not. — Dr. James B

I have followed off and on for awhile, and often have moments of thought from your postings and pictures/photos, just had to comment, this one kinda blew my mind….thanks for putting it “out there.” —n0whammies

Seeing what you have posted was like the sun rising after a long night. I feel the warmth. — Jim S

…it is refreshing to see other beings being real and sharing the whole spectrum of awakening. Not just the “happy” times, but the “dark” times. To meet another being that has been kissed with this burning for Truth and lives the Truth. I meet you in my heart. — Tathina

You have a tremendous talent for saying a great deal in such few words. This is amazing and incredibility deep material. Especially for us still using training wheels. — Frank

Wayne walks around gathering or causing messages to come to him all the time…. ALL THE TIME. — Carol

Thank you for sharing….these images brought stillness to my morning! — Nicole

…you can cut right to the heart of a matter with a fresh, common-sensical perspective — one that others overlook, perhaps because they are drowning in minutiae. — Glen

Wayne, many of us would not agree that you are a lousy photographer. In fact, when a friend introduced me to this blog, it was the photos that caught his eye before the teachings-texts. If I take time to enjoy your photos in stillness, I often get a great sense of calm. — Jim H

you have managed to integrate profound discussion on subtle mind with earthy camper lore. in the same post! making ken wilber’s integration theories looking a bit pedestrian, wayne 🙂 — Stephen W

I can’t live your life, but because you do, I somehow feel better. Peace. — Frank

Every one of your posts, without exception, ends up being one of the most important and valuable things I read on any given day. — Nathaniel

…I’m not aware of any supposed mystics/enlightened beings/incarnated souls who reveal so much about the mundane day-to-day details of their lives. It helps all seekers to know that those who have reached the further shore still have to shop for clothes – or vans, still have to pay bills and deal with relatives and in-laws. I don’t know that D.T. Suzuki, Adyashanti, or Tolle are so open to self exposure as you are. So some folks might be more interested in some particular aspects of your life than others. But myself (and I’m sure others) are more interested in the “Whole Life” experience. I find your daily posts unique and refreshing. — Phillip B

Your light came all the way here to Istanbul. You are a loving, sincere person. I appreciate your for that. — Ayse

I just want to say that I absolutely love your work..the photography – so beautiful and inspiring. I also love your writing and find this website food for the soul. — Joanna D

It should be noted that your wisdom and inspiration were not an insignificant factor in my finding the guts to go ahead with this whole thing. And so far, man, am I glad I did. — Glenn M

Thank you for everything. I’ve finally stepped out of my self and I get it thanks to you. — Jake

Wow oh wow oh wow. — Carol M

My spiritual journey couldn’t have progressed this far without your books, website, and videos. I thank you for all the wisdom you convey, Wayne. Keep doing what you’re doing! — Kenny

Wirs, I love you. — Richard

Thank-you for your perspective on things. I think the whole world should listen to you. — Todd

You may be unknown but you are brilliant. Between your great photos and your ‘never before seen anywhere’ insights are amazing. … I’ve said this before, you have a gift for the world… truly. — Anthony S

i don’t care what anyone else says, you are doing great work, really great work. sometimes just thinking of you out there is enough for me to remember that i’m on a journey with an end and that it’s possible and that you’ve done and are doing it and that i can do it too. you’ve got my back, i KNOW that. thanks, wayne. — Stephen

I struggle to express (my enlightenment). I find so many teachings and descriptions to be inaccurate. So I have been looking about to find new up to date expressions of the state. I just wanted to say, you are doing really great and I know how tough it is to express that which is so thoroughly beyond our selves. — Boz

Wayne-Keep on sucking, because you are the only honest open hearted one of this whole bunch. — Dave

I find your message clear and calming and I affectionately refer to you as “The Mystic Camper”. You walk the talk Wayne. Truth and transparency are what the world needs now. Thank you. — Carey

Your words are inspiring to me exactly because you speak to the endless quest and aren’t dogmatic in your findings but share your thoughts and feelings in a way that resonates with fellow sojourners. — Dolores M

You sooo easily got thru to me. I actually understood exactly what you were saying! It all made sense. That felt really good. — Randie

You were a kind voice during a delicate/confusing period–something Eckhart could not directly be–and most likely never will. — Frankie

That is why I always open Wayne’s email entry first. I know that the gentle bath of light he uses to paint his images will be kind to my eyes. I know, that as I lay, with my head still on my pillow, that His own vision will compel me to WANT to enter into my day. — Carol

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Life stripped to its fundamentals. — Phillip

Just wanted to say – not to belittle anyone else in these matters – but you seem more authentic in regard to all this spiritual stuff than anyone I’ve ever encountered… I have no words to express the gratitude… so I’ll simply say THANK YOU! — John

Thanks so much for this. Finally a teacher I can understand. — April

This was exquisite. A friend always told me we come here to experience. I never really could wrap my mind around that until your post today. “We looked at the Beauty She created.” We, it takes you for Her to experience Herself. Awesome. — Brenda

I haven’t found anything better, anywhere; this site is truly unique, and unquestionably authentic. Thank you. — John P

I just thought I’d write a short note to say how thankful I am that I found you’re site. — Paul L

I subscribe to getting emails from a lot of organizations and people who look interesting, but your emails are the only ones I always read. They are short and pithy and say a lot. Thanks, Wayne! — Tana

You have saved me who knows how many years of searching. 35 years to get to this Love letter and 2 hours later …Oneness. — Fred D

i believe you are awesome. — Patty

Wow! I thank you sincerely. This is probably the most helpful advice I’ve gotten on the subject and I’ve been asking a lot of knowledgeable people. I’m very glad I found your blog, I’ve really been enjoying it. — Michelle M

Dear Wayne, I sat down this evening at my computer looking for something. I didn’t know exactly what I was seeking, but I kept looking, knowing, as always, that the Universe would take me where I was supposed to go. I found an article that spoke so specifically to me, or so it seemed, that I followed its author’s link to his site, where I read more, saw some jaw-dropping photography and knew that somehow, this person was the bearer of the message I had been seeking. I am going into the hospital for major surgery in a few days and although I am generally an up-beat, goofball kinda gal, today left me a little off – and something you wrote, or something in your photos or maybe something in your eyes set me back to balance. Thank-you. Namaste. — Heather L

Mmmm. You never fail to bring me the answers i desire to remember 😉 — Quinzelle

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  1. Dear Wayne it’s a real heartfelt delight to thank you for your authenticity & genuine being. I LOVE your words & photos regardless of my own angle of seeing..it all flows into one. Parts of what you write, or say in the videos, linger on & move inwards surprising me sometimes when they re-surface with an ah-hah feeling !

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