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Mysterious Sky

Mysterious Sky

Mystical Qualities of BeingEternal · Radiance · Emptiness

Note: I used to refer to this a the Soul Level, but since the shift from levels to qualities, the main and most important quality of this “level” is that you are an eternal being.

You may not realize this, but there is absolutely zero evidence that we “blink out” upon our physical deaths.

What may also surprise you is that there is ample and overwhelming evidence that we, as a centralized conscious entity (a soul), continue to live and function after the body dies. The evidence also suggests that we re-inhabit physical lives over and over again (reincarnation).

This evidence can be found via links at the bottom of the page.

Once this evidence is reviewed and digested, once your mind acknowledges the reality that you are an Eternal Being temporarily housed in a body—not a person who will die—then a powerful and profound shift occurs: None of these things you see in this world, nor any of these thoughts you experience, are seen as permanent. None of this is important. None of this needs to be taken too seriously.

Your job, your past, your story, your possessions, your relationships—none of it is “you” and all of it is temporary. All of it is fleeting. The only thing that is going to survive your death—from your perspective—will be you. Everything else goes away. Poof. Vanishes.

There are a lot of implications to this realization and I cover them in my book, The Implications of the Soul, but the crucial part is this: This current physical life is temporary and it is silly to take it—or anything in it—too seriously.

When you recognize you are eternal, you see this current lifetime (what you used to think of as very important) as just an insignificant millisecond in an endless stream of physical lives. You stop taking events seriously, and start living authentically, happy, and free.

To live as an Eternal Being may seem in direct conflict with the Emptiness quality which says that you are not an individual at all but something akin to pure Consciousness. To help clarify this, recognize that the soul is just a vehicle for You-As-Consciousness to “drive around” in, much in the same way as you “drive around” in your physical body. The soul is a manifestation of You-As-Consciousness, just as your physical body is.

The main practice of the Eternal quality is to constantly see your circumstances from the much vaster, “I live forever” perspective. Catch yourself when you take life’s slings and arrows too seriously and remind yourself of how temporary the situation is. Surrender to the flow of life, let go of the constant need for control (a fear based on what may go wrong). See drama and problems as experiences rather than circumstances to be avoided. Examine your fears, see them from this higher perspective, and watch them weaken and melt away.

Relax and enjoy the beauty of this moment. Flow with this moment, just as you flow eternally, life after life, through the stream of Time.


Mystical Qualities of BeingEternal · Radiance · Emptiness

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One thought on “The Eternal Quality

  1. Wayne, True, everything vanishes in terms of a broader reality. Poof, it’s gone. It makes little sense to take things too seriously. Tolle says it doesn’t matter if you’re successful in life because, as you say, our experiences and actions in this world aren’t permanent. Now, your message here is radically important (as are the other two, Radiance and Emptiness). No doubt about that. One caveat, however, and it’s the same caveat I have with Tolle: What we do matters in a radically important sense. I should only speak about myself–What I do. True, we shouldn’t get attached to and take too seriously the trials and tribulations (and successes), but for me what I DO in this life, in the first place, is radically important. E.g., I can help people see their connection to God through facilitating the AIM contact to whomever wants it–something similar to what you’ve devoted your life to over the past few years by sharing your life with others. Or, I could open up a bar and casino and fuel people’s desires, habits, and be within the causal chain of their suffering and tragedy. So, while I can realize the eternal and operate from a broader place, the choices I make about what to do in life do matter.

    Thanks so much I’m really getting a lot out of these introductory pages. Aloha, Aliman.

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