The Tier of Clarity


The Tier of Clarity

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The Tier of Clarity

The Tier of Clarity helps us function in the manifest world while still remaining true to our spiritual nature. We remove the extraneous parts of our identity while clarifying our core traits. We become less me, me, me and more in touch with our true selves.

As we grow proficient with these Aspects, we become more accepting of the body, more refined in our personality, and more compassionate with others.


The Mortal Aspect is our body.

Proficiency in this aspect is to view the body as if it is a car. We aren’t the car, we drive the car.

The Mortal Aspect provides a vehicle for interacting with the manifest world.


The Inner Ego Aspect is our core personality. Whether introverted or extroverted, emotional or rational, our personality helps stabilize our inner experiences.

The purpose of the Inner Ego is to provide a continuous thread of existence for our experience of life.

We develop the Inner Ego to help cleanse ourselves of false identities—roles, thoughts, stories, etc..


The Outer Ego Aspect is our universal translator. It allows us to interact with others. The Outer Ego uses personas in the same way that linguists use languages. Sometimes we speaks Lover, sometimes Coworker, sometimes Parent.

The Outer Ego’s purpose is to communicate effectively. To be understood by our audience… and to understand their needs and desires.

We develop the Outer Ego to encourage deep, empathic connections with others.

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