The Mystical Qualities of Being

Morning Porpoise on the River

Morning Porpoise on the River

Mystical Qualities of BeingEternal · Radiance · Emptiness

Note: I put together the following to help readers understand my vision of Mystical Oneness, and what I mean by Soul/Eternal, Radiance and Emptiness. Long time readers may also notice that I’ve made some revisions to my nomenclature: “Qualities” for “Levels” and “Eternal” for “Soul”. Qualities because I no longer feel that a hierarchal structure is as accurate as the flowing nature of the states of Mystical Being, and Eternal as this is the primary quality of the former Soul level.

From the Vastness—a sea of boundless Love and brilliant Light—a contraction occurs and what was once the One… becomes the Many. The soul forms, individual consciousness ensues, and Man loses touch with the Divine.

Finding Your Way Back

The purpose of my work is to help you, the reader of my blog and works, to find your way back to the Divine. Not to lose yourself and become the Divine, but to awaken the Divine within and live concurrently with this vast and omnipotent intelligence—an intelligence that I often refer to as Her.

Mystic Defined

A Mystic, by my definition, is one who experiences a duplex personality. A commingling of two separate personalities—the mortal and the Divine—into a single living being. Richard Bucke, author of Cosmic Consciousness, first noticed this trait among famous Mystics of the past: Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Lao Tzu, … and it is probably the single-most reliable indicator of someone’s level of awakening.

There is a saying among soldiers, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” The same can be said of the enlightened. Every authentic enlightened teacher of the past or present mentions the Divine regularly in their teachings and writings: God, Brahma, the Universe, the Infinite, Presence, Tao… every one of them. They use many different names, but always in caps, and always in reverence.

The Three Qualities

“From the Vastness (the Emptiness quality)—a sea of boundless Love and brilliant Light (the Radiant quality)—a contraction occurs and what was once the One… becomes the Many. The soul forms (the Eternal quality), individual consciousness ensues, and Man loses touch with the Divine.”

Three qualities: Emptiness, Radiance, Eternal. Each more contracted—more solid—than the previous.

Three qualities. Each representing a different aspect of being.

  • Eternal: The lived or practical aspect of being.
  • Radiance: The emotional or felt aspect of being.
  • Emptiness: The perceived or mental aspect of being.

Three qualities. Each representing a different practice.

The Way to Practice

These practices should be implemented into your life concurrently—not individually—as each represents a different aspect of Being, and each supports and is dependent upon the others.

  • The Eternal while dealing with day-to-day decisions, trials and stress.
  • Radiance practiced while interacting with people and nature.
  • Emptiness should be practiced during meditation or self-inquiry.

What to Expect

I have a saying, “The less there is of you, the more there is of Her.”

As these practices are integrated into your life—the mental, the emotional, the practical—your ego will rapidly weaken and, like clear water washing away old caked on dirt, She—the Divine within—will awaken and shine forth. And you, as a Mystic, will be born anew.

The Qualities in Detail

Mystical Qualities of BeingEternal · Radiance · Emptiness

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  1. Wayne wirs first of all congrats for knowing or feeling the ultimate truth. I am 21 years old boy from india and i am searching for the ultimate truth or the englightenment or watever you can say. I read almost evry available text on internet about this reads mostly all about englighten ones like osho buddha jesus krishna j. Krishnamurti papaji gangaj etc. I knoe i have to go beyond mind but whenever i feel something some silence than my mind intepts me and say this is the divine. I wanna ask you how to go beyond mind

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