The Radiant Quality

Natchez III

Natchez III

Mystical Qualities of BeingEternal · Radiance · Emptiness

Love and Light. Radiance. The initial contraction of the Divine from the vast potential of Emptiness. Love and Light flowing outward, ever outward, from the Source.

If you look at Love closely (not lowercase romantic love, but uppercase Universal Love) you quickly realize that—as hard as it is to define—it is the same within all living creatures. A tiny bird loves itself in the same way as you love yourself; the way you love your hand or your survival or your being. It is a subtle Love, almost below our level of awareness, yet it can be felt and experienced and known.

Love, capital L, is the Divine Herself living through you. It is the life force within all living creatures.

Radiance should be practiced around others, whether it is with people, plants, animals, or out in nature.

The main practice of Radiance is to visualize yourself as a portal, like a miniature Gateway Arch. Imagine this arch rises up from your side, touches your shoulder, over your head, and down your other side. Now remove your body from the image.

As you are sitting in nature, or gazing at a plant, or interacting with a pet or person, see yourself as this portal, but with Love and Light flowing from behind you, through the portal, and upon whatever you gaze upon. Love flowing outward. Imagine filling whatever you gaze at with Love and Light.

This may seem like a silly practice, but I assure you, when your personal self drops, this is the way you will experience all interactions with the world, as if the Light within you joins and commingles with the Light within others. It is intimate and sensuous and beautiful.

While doing this practice, see the portal as you-as-a-contraction out of the Emptiness. Feel any self-contraction (the feeling of “solidness” to yourself) and project that into the image of the portal. This will help you feel this practice as well as weaken the egoic self.


Mystical Qualities of BeingEternal · Radiance · Emptiness

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2 thoughts on “The Radiant Quality

  1. This is wonderful. This is similar to Hooponopono–the ancient Hawaiian practice. It’s about getting to the state where we have no self-importance and little or no self-identity. Whatever is put before you is 100% your responsibility, and your purpose is to be a portal for the Love of the universe to flow onto the person or situation or whatever is in front of you. There’s a kind of mantra that’s associated with it–“I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” This has nothing to do with apologizing in the popular sense as if you’ve done something wrong. It’s about a way of Being. For me, when I take responsibility for everything I come into contact with, it’s too overwhelming for “me” to handle, so my self can fade out of the picture. Aloha! Aliman.

  2. Lovely post. I sometimes feel this way, but it is nice to see it put into words and a practice. Now I will consciously do it. Thank you.

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