The Serenity Technique

Feeling stressed in these divisive times?

If you want to feel serene, then you need to stop taking your thoughts so seriously. The Serenity Technique will teach you how.

Serenity is our default state of mind. Serenity is the way we feel when we aren’t focused on our problems—on our thoughts.

We don’t achieve serenity… we unveil it.

How do we uncover our natural, serene state in such an angry and divisive world? How do we overcome this constant feeling of being attacked?

No, this is NOT a book about trying to quiet your mind. It’s a practical book about redirecting your mind in an easy and straightforward manner.

Using concepts evolved from spiritual enlightenment and nondual traditions, The Serenity Technique provides a simple, 7-step practice for on-demand stress relief. A practice that’ll leave you feeling open, loving and serene.

A practice you can implement whenever you need it.

A practice of empathy and openness and peace.

This is a technique you can learn in only a few minutes—yet it can change your life.

Some nuggets from The Serenity Technique:

  • In times of conflict, always remember: All parties are acting from Love. Love is the common ground.
  • If you aren’t feeling serene, it is because you are taking a thought too seriously.
  • It is natural to feel attacked when we take a thought personally.
  • Thoughts are not real… at least not nearly as real as physical reality.
  • What you focus on, you become.

Love, gratitude, inner peace, and happiness… they’re just a click away.

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The Serentity TechniqueWe live in divisive times.

The Serenity Technique provides 7 simple steps for inner peace… whenever you need it.

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