The Tier of Peace


The Tier of Peace

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The Tier of Peace

The spiritual path is filled with paradoxes and the Tier of Peace resolves these paradoxes.

The Aspects of this tier help us live in this world AND be of it. They help us transcend the conflict between Absolute truth and Relative truths. They help us integrate the Divine with the me-whatever-that-is individual.

The Tier of Peace brings peace to the heart and to the mind. Peace between the interior and the exterior. Peace between me and other. Peace between the emptiness of Unity and the fullness of All Things. Peace between the One and the Many. Peace within and peace without.

The Tier of Peace is the tier of And‘s. It is the tier of the Manifest and the Unmanifest. Of the Individual and the Divine.

All as One. All as Separate.

Paradox transcended. Peace and Love and Harmony.


The Self Aspect is our essential vehicle.

The Self’s purpose is to act as a foundation for our individual life. It allows the body and soul something to stand upon as we manifest from the Source/Divine.

Developing the Self Aspect helps us clarify and understand our core nature. It reveals the essential qualities required to function as independent beings.


The I AM Aspect is where Absolute and Relative truths unite.

The purpose of I AM is to harmonize the Inner Ego’s feeling of separation with the Witness’ feeling of unity.

The I AM Aspect helps us interact with the manifest world. It helps us live in it. It helps us find peace with the paradox of the One and the Many.


The TaoGod(I) Aspect is where the individual and the Divine unite. It is the gateway to Cosmic Consciousness.

The purpose of TaoGod(I) is to help us find harmony (and humility) as a fully Divine being while still retaining our individuality and humanity.

The TaoGod(I) Aspect helps us develop and embody unconditional Love.

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