The Tier of Insights


The Tier of Insights

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The Tier of Insights

The Tier of Insights is the tier of realizations. It is the tier of transcendental truths. Of understanding these truths, of the implications of them, and of living them.

The Tier of Insights provides tools to help us access the spiritual qualities of life. To help us recognize that all things are One Thing, and that this One Thing is intelligent. That the One Thing is Divine.

We recognize these profound truths not through beliefs, but through evidence. Evidence and experience.


The Soul Aspect is our eternal vehicle. It allows us to continuously reincarnate as we develop spiritually.

The Soul Aspect provides a stable, continuous thread of existence across many lifetimes.

We develop the Soul Aspect to achieve a higher perspective. To remind us of our eternal nature in a temporal world.

(Please don’t dismiss this important Aspect. There is overwhelming evidence of the soul, yet zero to the contrary. We’ll cover this evidence below.)


The Witness Aspect is the gateway to the Absolute. To a reality without boundaries.

The purpose of the Witness is help us see through the illusionary boundaries of me and not-me.

We develop the Witness to teach our brain how to perceive the personal and impersonal simultaneously.

When we become proficient at the Witness Aspect, we become proficient with the skill of enlightenment.


The Mystic Aspect is about the realization of the Divine. Where the Witness realizes the One Thing, the Mystic realizes that this One Thing is intelligent.

The Mystic Aspect provides a means to awaken and recognize TaoGod.

We develop this Aspect to weaken the felt sense of self while strengthening our awareness of the Divine.

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