Videos (Pre-Mystical Oneness)

I shoot these videos by hiking out to the location, pushing RECORD, talking, and pushing STOP. One take. Other than the credits, I don’t edit them at all. I guess I’m looking for a little forgiveness. Enjoy.

Conditioning and Enlightenment

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How To Find Enlightenment – The Explanation

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Why I’m a Mystic

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Mystical vs Non-Mystical Enlightenment

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Two Years of Enlightenment

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Older Videos

How I Awoke to Enlightenment

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What is (and isn’t) Enlightenment

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The Hourglass of Enlightenment

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This is the second (of three videos so far) where I am interrupted by the vocals of some animal. The first, in What is (and isn’t) Enlightenment (above), I thought I heard a kitten meowing out in the woods. In this one, I don’t know what it was: a huge frog, a loud duck, Big Foot? I dunno.

Dropping the Personal Self

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The Three Enlightenments

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Filmed from a canoe as I drifted down the Silver River outside Ocala, FL.

It's Time To Wake Up

Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of BeingMystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being is a step-by-step guide to enlightenment and beyond.

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It's Time To Be Happy

The Serentity TechniqueWe live in divisive times.

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It's Time Let Go

My Dying WordsImagine I have only seven days left to live.
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27 thoughts on “Videos (Pre-Mystical Oneness)

  1. Thank you for posting these Wayne! Looks tranquil by the water, looks crisp and cool though the thought was shared with a warm heart.. Much blessings on your path and love laughter and light in abundance and may you be touched with the same meassure of all good things that you so freely and bountifully share with those around you..

    ..for it is in giving that we receive, the true blessings, gifts beyond imagining ~the path is light tread it softly and allow your heart to soar as the splendour that it shines with.

  2. Hi Wayne, keep up the good work, your posts and videos are very good to read and watch. It occurs to me that for someone who is enlightened you seem to be very sure what enlightenment is! Are you sure it’s enlightenment? What is next for you?

  3. @Q, Helder, Michael: Thank-you. 🙂
    @Michael: I’ll be posting a blog article (maybe a video) about this soon. Look for something with “Hourglass” in the title (not trying to be mysterious, just haven’t settled on a title yet).
    (A few hours later)…
    @Michael: See The Hourglass of Enlightenment above.

  4. What? No robe, no beard, no funny hat? No Sanskrit, chanting, people kissing your toes, or slavishly following your every whim? You’ll never get rich in the guru game that way ;’) I bet you don’t even promise people they can levitate.

    Actually, I can levitate a cup of tea. I reach out my hand, grasp the handle, and raise it up. That’s just as miraculous as doing it without hands.

  5. Thank you,
    I hear you.
    I am deeply moved by the truth and simplicity with which you speak, my heart is bursting in love and recognition.
    Your photos contain the clarity and beauty of which you speak.
    A fellow soul.

  6. Excellent videos. I know you are right. I am close to dropping through. I also think there are further rooms below (or above if you reverse the image and think in transpersonal ascent).

  7. Thank you for your inspiring work.
    You say that “Wayne” still feels tired, hungry, needs food, is not able to do “magical things”. Your “enlightenment” to me doesn’t sound like a free state beyond all limitations. Can you not go beyond those? If this world is an illusion one should be able to, for example, manifest an apple “out of thin air”, don’t you think?
    I’m looking forward to your thoughts, thank you.

    • Samuel: It is not that the world is an illusion, it is that separation is an illusion. Ultimately (at the level that I call Oneness) there is no me or you or even the world, just Oneness. The Buddha said that the world is like a dream, and I agree totally. The key word is like. Like a dream. Many nondual purist claim the world is an illusion and the world is a dream because they are just parroting something they heard, not what they are experiencing. Indeed, there is a lot of misinformation about enlightenment out there: one can teleport themselves when enlightened; one can make apples materialize out of thin air; one never feels pain, or anger, or emotions. That’s all a lot of psuedo-religious fairy tales. Waking up is simply seeing through the illusion of separation. Simple as that. Oh, and then you have to feel it and live it—it’s not just a rational thing. 🙂

      • Hi. New kid on the block here. I understand what is going on,what is being said, but right now, on an intellectual level. There are glimpses for me of the “oneness” that is spoken of here in these pages, but not on the quantum-metaphysical level (and I suspect that is the same for you, Wayne?). What you want us to do is have the direct experience, yes? So beyond intellectual understanding? A few times in the past few years I had little glimpses that convinced me (at the time) that I had very little to do with what is going on – a spectator, rather. Perhaps this is your perpetual experience? What is the measure of getting anywhere?

        Thank you.

  8. Dear Wayne Your videos are very inspiring and I feel your talks are very beautiful and genuine. There are surely many misconceptions about enlightenment, and have not found too many enlightened ones talk about them. I feel very relaxed in hearing about that state of freshness and wonder which you describe in your video, especially when you are in “Oneness”. I know words are so limited to describe this experience, but the description of Oneness I feel is still better than everything else. Please keep posting more videos describing the enlightened state.

  9. Dear one,

    Many gracious thanks for your presence. As a fellow being on the pathless path there is great love with this connection. Many of the experiences noted are shared here. All along what was missed was just a matter of weakening and dropping the personal story/self! How wonderful!

  10. Hello
    Thank you very much for posting these video,s. I loved them.
    I think i am fighting the idea of giving up my personal ego because it seems then that all my lessons and achievements of wisdom will have been for naught for whats the purpose of wisdom and lifes lessons if there is no i that needs it.
    It feels that something in me is learning the ropes like i am a child of God understanding my potential yet if i take the ME out of it where does that leave the purpose of all these lessons??
    Do you advocate dropping the thinking,processing side of our human-ness? I find we need to engage the mind to get out of the mind . I took it that your own awakening was brought about by thinking on a frog. .
    I am not my mind but are nt i the programmer of my mind? Doesnt the witness not only look but is the inspirator of thoughts about what it is seeing?? Do we have free will? Do we create our own reality? Enough of my questions, thank you so much for your work,very inspiring and i am very grateful for it.

  11. I also love the videos Wayne. Thanks, would love more. I appreciate the company out in no mans land. Life does take on a not problematic relief now. I am grateful that you are out there Wayne.

  12. New theoris on the big bang suggest infinte potentiaul may be the cause of the 4 forces of nature splitting off to form the 12 elements we know today as the Universe, in string theorie 11 dimentions are needed to support the working model.

    early on in qauntum mechanics scientists discovered that electrons exists as potential wabes unless acted apon by an observer, it was if the particals knew they were being observed, the theorie then suggested that the structure of the observer intereacted with the the particals no matter what even if the observer was simply a camera, hmmm spooky, it;s almost as if the particals have some measure of awareness.,,,

    Qauntum entanglement states everything is connected ever since the big bang, it means that all matter and energy is entangled and connected, that space only gives the illusion that things are seperate, this is because space itself is energy and all matter touches space and at the qauntum partical level everything is energy and potential even space, meaning that the universe is a living conscious being because we our-selves and the properties of life and consciousness are entangled with it, it lives through us in a symbiotic relationship as life ,living through us, one might say is a rock alive?, most of what were made of is not, man is composed of mostly water, the Universe too has parts of itself that is living and non-living.
    medical science has not been able to dertermine where conscious awareness is in the brain, it is possible the brain is actually a 6th sence able to percieve the consciousness of the Universe, as self awareness, just like all your other five sences percieve the Universe in different ways,

    How this effects my ideas on death and the soal?, all that we are is borrowed from the Universe, even though that is a perspective, our energy is still entangled with the cosmic consciousness and physical nature of God even after we die, it only gets transformed, best logical explaination I can give on God.

    after I wrote this I discovered Waynes theorie on Quantum entanglement which I think is a very impressive model and since there are 11 dimetions acording to the current string theorie model known as M theorie, it sounds very logical and possible, and reflects some things I believe.

    I guess I have figured out oneness now lol.

  13. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I just started my seek less than a year ago, I have found many teachers and would now consider you one of them. Thanks!!

  14. I would like to thank you Wayne. Through your videos and understanding have help me along my path to finding all the answer to the questions I have asked myself over many of years. Every moment is a new experance and every day I see the world in a new way I am vary thankful for this. I have chosen to name my path “the path of the sage” bc I wish to be a teacher and find peace and understand with in all things. I believe it to be a destiny in way’s. But isn’t all our destinies to cross these paths one
    Many thanks to you Wayne for my new inspiration.:D

  15. Wayne,

    Thanks for the videos. So much here, so much I feel and know, so far still to go. I first encountered your presence in Fading Toward Enlightenment maybe 5-7 years back. At the time your message was so prescient for me. I just now picked the book up again and found this new(?) website. So powerful, so moving, so much Love.


  16. Hello Wayne,

    Sometimes I feel like a character in one of those walking dead zombie shows. My friends, my family, people all grasping at things stumbling over each other. When I think that way I recognize the selfishness in wanting people to see what I see.

    Why can’t we expect or wish to live in a community of the awake?


  17. Thank you Wayne i enjoyed the videos,try and do some more as you experience things.I will throw you a curveball and state that i am bi-polar and i believe this condition gave me a head start on the way to enlightenment.I mean i have a long way to go and it probably is a never ending journey.But i feel i experienced things most people have not.{not just when i was delerious with mania}Anyway i thought i would throw that in the mix.God bless you>

  18. My spiritual journey couldn’t have progressed this far without your books,website,and videos.I thank you for all the wisdom you convey , Wayne.Keep doing what you’re doing!

  19. Hi Wayne,
    Many thanks for going through the effort and posting videos to help us. Please keep posting. They have been great help to me and to see things clearly. You have also helped me drop any assumptions and ideas about what enlightenment may be like once we get there.

    Many Thanks.

  20. Just stumbled across your videos on YouTube which led me to seek out your website. I glimpsed reality in 2006 and what you share here speaks deeply to what I know deep inside. Thank you for sharing. Peace.

  21. Hi Wayne,
    Just watched a part of your BATGAP interview and also your video on selfless deeds and selfish deeds….I kind of identify with your thoughts…Would like to watch more videos and also explore your blog too…..aum….tatvamasi

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